Complete Guide to Export Opera Mail to PST File Format

Summary:- Are you Looking for a solution to convert Opera Mail to PST? Or do you need to know how to export Opera Mail to PST file? So, your search ends in this article. Here, we come to know how users can convert Opera Mail into Outlook PST by using an automated solution to the use of the Opera Mail Converter tool. Additionally, we discuss the possible reasons for importing the emails of Opera into Outlook. So before going to the solution, let’s know the possible reasons for this conversion.


User Query: ”I am facing issues with Opera Mail. I am getting a yellow hazard symbol next to my email accounts, even though my emails are being sent and received correctly. However, I’m also not sending or receiving emails from my account. So, tried setting the following options in Opera Mail: Disable QRESYC=1, Force Single Connections=1, and IMAP Protocols for email. These options have not solved the problem. I have checked my internet connection and it is stable and also restarted Opera Mail. Then, I tried reconfiguring my account in Opera Mail, but still had the same problem. So, I would appreciate any help you can give with this issue.”

Why Export Opera Mail to PST?

There are several reasons why you might want to convert your Opera Mail to PST. Here are a few reasons:

  • To back up your emails- PST files are a more reliable way to back up your emails than the native format used by Opera Mail. This is because PST files are less likely to become corrupted or damaged.
  • To switch to Outlook- If you’re thinking about switching to Outlook, So, to downloading Opera Mail to PST will make the transition easier.
  • To share your emails with others- PST files can be easily shared with others, which can be helpful if you need to collaborate on a project or provide access to your emails to a third party.
  • To import your emails into another email client- If you’re not switching to Outlook, you may still want to convert your Opera Mail emails to PST format so that you can import them into another email client.

Smart Solution to Export Opera Mail to Outlook

As there is no manual solution available to successfully do the conversion process of Opera Mail to PST Outlook. But, the automated solution i.e. the use of OperaMail Converter software is available. This tool helps to precisely save emails from the Opera Mail folder to Outlook with attachments.

Automated Solution to Export Opera Mail to PST

The automated tool is efficient and reliable software. This tool directly converts Opera Mail to Outlook PST with attachments. Before using this software make sure that Opera Mail must be in your system. Users can use the free demo version of this software which converts 50 emails to PST. Let’s have an overview of the working steps of this software.

  1. Launch and Start the Opera Mail Converter tool as an Administrator.
  2. In the left pane, select the folders that you want to convert.
  3. Then, Choose PST as the output format.
  4. Now, Check the boxes for any of the optional features that you want to use, such as Remove duplicate Mail,Split resultant PST, and so on.
  5. After that, Specify the desired location where you want to save the output file.
  6. Click Convert to start the conversion process.

This tool is the best utility to export emails from Opera Mail to Outlook. With this software, users can change their Opera Mail emails to 10+ different file formats. Moreover, this tool does not alter the data inside the emails.


In this blog post, we learn the smart technique to export Opera Mail to PST format. This software provides you various features and also a demo version available which helps you to convert only 50 emails from Opera Mail to Outlook PST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I preview Opera emails before conversion?

Ans- You can preview your Opera emails before converting them to Outlook by using the automated tool. Follow the below steps to preview Opera emails:
1. Download the Opera Mail Converter tool.
2. From the left pane, select the files that you want to preview.
3. Then, Double-click the preview option.
4.. Finally, you can preview your Opera emails before conversion.

Q. Can I skip similar emails from the Opera mail account?

Ans- Yes, you can skip similar emails from your Opera Mail account by using the professional tool. This tool has the feature Remove duplicate emails which can skip your similar or duplicate emails from your Opera mail account.

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