How To Restore BKF File in Windows 10

Why do we need to Restore BKF File? “It is said that regular backing up of data is a healthy habit of a computer user. In this article, I will discuss the methods of how BKF files can be recovered. If you take backup of your files in regular terms then you are doing the right thing for your data. Before directly jumping right how to perform BKF File Recovery one can understand what bkf file is all about. The methods are provided here tested before and will surely work in here.”

Files that have .bkf format are mostly related to the Windows Backup utility software. These files are incorporated with mostly XP and NT operating systems of Windows. bkf extension file usually contains the catalog of files which are backed up with this utility. The utility is incorporated in the Windows operating system. With the help of NTbackup utility, you can easily take backup of your data. Since the utility is not available in Windows 10 so we have to take some selective measures in order to restore BKF File.

Firstly we require to download the ntbackup file which will be downloaded by the internet easily. It is actually a RAR file which has two .dll files and one executable file. The file names are dispensed below which you can look and see the actual extension.

  • ntbackup.exe
  • ntmsapi.dll
  • Vssapi.dll

Why we require this tool for recovery of bkf file?

It turns to be such a nightmare when we realize that we actually lost our data which is so crucial for us. So we tend to make backups and start taking regular backup. But what if the backup recovery file gets distorted for some reason. We need to recover them and for this, the tool is provided here which will help you to restore your .bkf file. The ntbackup.exe file is the tool which you will be required to complete the entire process.

What things to keep in mind when you are up to restore BKF File?

The executable file of the ntbackup tool is enough to take backup in Windows 10. However, it is required to put the other two .dll files in the same location. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the executable file of ntbackup.exe.
When you restore the data using the ntbackup tool you need to keep the recovered data in the different location rather original location.
The data gets overwritten if the original location is being used for restoring the backup files. The other two .dll files actually act as a supporter for the executable file of ntbackup utility. The three files need to be saved at the same place in the other original location.

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Manual method to restore BKF File:

  • Click Control Panel-> Administrative tools-> Server manager-> Features summary
  • Click on Add features
  • Now mark tick on the removal storage manager

And the Next-> Install: For installation, you have to go through the below steps:

Step 1: Once you install the .cab file you can now allow seeing all the three files together.

Step 2: You will get the pop-up message, displaying services, required for use of tape and other secondary storage devices. Now keep the bkf file on the screen and click OK.

Step 3: Now you can simply see the wizard displaying the advanced feature mode to change the settings used for restoring the data from backup file. Click Next.

Step 4: Now, you will get a wizard of ‘backup utility advanced mode’.

Step 5: Now you need to store data of the recovered file.

Step 6: As discussed above you need to store the data in the alternated location, rather the original location of the file, in order not to overwrite the data.

Step 7: Now, select the file you need to restore by clicking on Tools->catalog a backup file-> Now browse the file to back up a file.

Step 8: Now, click on restore and manage media. According to click on the desired files which you want to restore.

Step 9: Simply click OK on the message notification which pops on the window.

Step 10: In this step, you will be seen with the window “completed with skipped files”.

Step 11: With this, you need to click on Tools-> switch to wizard mode.

Alternate solution:

It’s actually a conflict when coming across with the problem of corrupting a bkf file. You can use the windows utility for correcting your data. In the case, you will be going through some issues which will not give you satisfactory results. With the steps provided above will not solve your problem satisfactorily. Until you have the technical expertise you can easily look forward to the steps provided above and follow the windows recovery utility. In here I will also help you with the alternate solution which will solve the problem at an instant time. With the help of restore BKF File Software, you can fix the bkf file and open it in windows 10. The software introduces you with the preview of your recovered data as well.