How to Transform a Sketch to HTML Using Sketch2Code

Let’s remove the hassle of designing and coding your web pages using a new and beneficial project based on AI known as sketch2code. It is free of cos,t you don’t need to pay anything for it and definitely, you will love it. Also, we are here to tell you about the methods to transform a sketch into HTML code using Microsoft sketch to code. Follow this article to explore this revolutionary technology in detail.

What is Sketch2code?

It is basically a web application that allows you to convert your hand-made sketch into HTML code. Even you can easily transform any hand made drawing design with Artificial Intelligence into an HTML code. This way is a very unique and interesting one and can be used by many platforms like Airbnbs’ design to code, Microsoft sketch2code, Avocode, etc.
Now, you should know its workflow as given below:
Workflow of Microsoft's Sketch To Code

Custom Vision Model:

Using different handwritten designs, this model has been trained with images by tagging the most common HTML elements like buttons, text boxes, and images, etc.

Text Recognition Service(TRS):

It is used to recognize the text written in a design element.

An Azure Blob Storage:

All steps involved in the process of creating HTML are processed, including the original image, the results of predictions and the details of the layout classification.

An Azure Function:

It serves as the backend entry point that manages the process of generation by communicating with all services.

An Azure website:

User front-end to enable a new design to be uploaded and see the results generated by HTML.

Method to Convert sketch2code using Microsoft AI and How it works?

Microsoft Sketch to HTML Code converts the images made by users from whiteboard sketches and allows the images to be translated into valid HTML markup code. Here complete working is given below:

How it Works:

  1. Draw and upload a design
    Use the whiteboard to draw a design or you can directly upload a design to the web-application.
  2. Design patterns and text detection
    To detect meaningful design elements in an image, a Custom Vision Model trained to perform object recognition against HTML hand-drawn patterns is used. For extracting handwritten material, each item detected is passed through a Text Recognition System.
  3. Structure recognition
    The detected object information and its location within the image is feed into an algorithm that produces the underlying structure.
  4. Create HTML or markup code
    Based on the detected layout containing the detected design elements, a valid HTML is created.

How to convert Sketch to HTML Code-

  1. Upload a hand made image through its official website by clicking on the upload button as shown below:Upload the sketch or design by clicking on upload button
  2. Then a custom vision model determines what HTML elements are in the picture and where they are located.
  3. The handwritten design will be read by the text recognition service inside the predicted elements.
  4. A layout algorithm utilizes the spatial information from all the projected item bounding boxes to create a grid structure that accommodates all.
  5. All these pieces of information are used by an HTML generation engine to create an HTML markup code that represents the result.
  6. use the markup code as you want

These are the steps to transform a Sketch to code easily.

Platforms where you can Convert Sketch to code-

Sketch2code Microsoft

To transform handwritten sketches to functional HTML prototypes, it uses AI. Designers share ideas on a whiteboard, and changes are immediately reflected in the browser.

Airbnb Sketch to Product

A web-based solution that uses AI to transform an image into a code product. Sketching is an intuitive approach to designing, converting it into real objects immediately can make the process faster for designers.


You could still build a prototype of a great idea even if you didn’t have a lot of time (or knowledge of coding). Avocode design to code lets the users upload and convert a picture of a design or UI into the working code.

Converting your sketch or whiteboard designs to code is a new evolution in designing and its workflow makes designing easier. We have mentioned working in short and in detail also for better understanding. As it simplifies to create prototypes, it can save time and effort of the programmers. So no need to write basic HTML or repetitive code each time. Hopefully, you will find it useful.