Fix Outlook POP Server Timeout Error 0x8004210a

Outlook is the most popular email client server, which provides email services to its clients. You can save your data on the central repository of the Outlook Server and can access it from anywhere in the world. This central repository is Exchange ServerExchange Servers acts as a central repository, which receives messages from client applications and creates or map a path to send that message to the designated receiver. This process is all about sending and receiving. Sometimes the process of sending and receiving get interrupted due to some reasons and create errors(0x8004210a) and exceptions, which make us inconvenient.

So without wasting time let’s dig into the roots of the issue and plug stump of the POP Server Timeout error.

Why Outlook Error 0x8004210a occurs?

This error could be because of several reasons like:

  • Antivirus could be scanning for the malicious entities in your mail items.
  • Windows firewall settings could be generating conflicts.
  • Your Bad internet connection could also be a reason.
  • The wrong configuration of Exchange Server can be the problem also.
  • Suspicious emails could be a reason to error.

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How to fix POP Server Timeout Error 0x8004210a?

To resolve Outlook send and receive error there are various manual methods available over the web. I’ve listed and described some of the effective measures to troubleshoot error 0x8004210a.

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#1 Turn off the Antivirus Add-on:

Antiviruses are tended to detect malicious entities, but sometimes there are some files which are not malicious but their format seems malicious to antivirus. In order to save our system from these entities, antivirus tries to restrict an operation which leads to the send and receive Outlook error. So just turn off the antivirus mail add-on and retry to connect to the server.


#2 Remove restriction of firewall from Outlook:

Firewall is an intrusion detection system, which validates the authorized and trusted network to connect through our system. It works as a barrier between our system and the untrusted external network. Just provide unrestricted access to Outlook and again try to connect.


#3 Remove Suspicious mail item:

This could be achieved by moving those mail items to trash which are on Hold. In result, it is possible that you will remove suspicious mail items and able to solve Outlook error 0x8004210a.


#4 Change Server Timeout Intervals:

This process is completed by increasing the time period of Server timeout intervals. To Increase the timeout, all you need is to follow the below steps.

  • Launch Outlook and click on File and soon you will get a menu. Choose Account Settings from it.
  • Choose the affected mail account and click on the Change button.
  • Now, you need to click on More Settings.
  • You will get a dialog box named Internet E-mail Settings. Now Click on Advanced tab.
  • You are good to increase the server timeout as per your need.


#5 Run Outlook in Safe Mode:

In the Run tab, type outlook.exe /safe, It will tell you that, is Send and Receive working or not. If it creates an issue, that means there is any faulty/damaged outlook add-in.


#6 Recreate Outlook Profile:

Sometimes the problem is with our mail account. It is possible that Outlook account is corrupt in that case you should try to remove the old outlook account and create a new Outlook Account and check for the problem if it doesn’t exist then there is a problem with your account. To create a new outlook profile you have to follow the below paradigm:

Control Panel > Mail > E-mail Account > Target Account > Remove > Add Account > Follow the instructions for reading the Account.


#7 Use Windows Repair for Outlook:

To repair conflicts related to windows applications, Microsoft has provided a feature in Operating System, which could be used to repair the software installed over the system. For doing so you have to follow some easy steps.

  • Launch Control Panel.
  • Select Uninstall Programs.
  • On the next window choose Microsoft Office. Then click on the Change button.
  • In the up next window, select the Repair radio button and click on Continue.


#8 Check your Data Connection:

There could be a network problem that is approaching the errors. It is possible that your system is not connected to the internet. You should also try a check for the Internet connection if it’s not connected try to resolve the connectivity issue first.


If still, you are facing the same MS Outlook Server Timeout Error, there is a chance that you are having a corrupt PST File. I’ve provided all the possible manual methods and DIYs but these methods will not work in case of repairing corrupt PST. To repair PST you should try out an automated PST Recovery tool, which will solve all the errors related to PST files.


Hope you loved the handout and found the solution for error 0x8004210a.