Refund Policy owned by , we provide a 100% refund on all our services and products. If any customer is not happy and satisfied with the performance of our product then he/she is eligible and welcome for a refund or partial money back. At, we never ask visitors for personal information until they submit and provide the information voluntarily. There is no requirement for any individual/visitor to provide information to visit our website. We always follow the best practices and security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information provided by our customers. The refund period hardly takes 5 to 7 business days for the refund.

Guideline for claiming refund/money back:

 Make sure the product/software program is purchased through Convertertools or any of authorized resellers.

 Refund/money back is only applicable on only those software tools which are purchased under 30 days.

 Money back/refund will be applicable only if we receive a "letter of destruction" by our customer. "Letter of destruction" is a "written application" which allows us to destroy the software application from all the computers on which it is installed as well as we are allowed to inspect all the systems physically to ensure that the destruction has taken place properly and in a safe manner.

The money back/refund is only applicable to the following conditions:

  1. If the software tool is not generating the same result as the demo version.
  2. If our online tech support team fails to assist you in solving your issue.

Money back/refund can not take place in the following cases:

For claiming the money back, the following should not be the reason:

  1. “I don’t want the software tool anymore”.
  2. “I have purchased this software accidentally”.
  3. “I have never meant to purchase the software”.

 If the customer is not able to operate the software or/apply the license policy in his computing environment.

 If the software tool is bought for the wrong platform.

 If the refund is claimed after 30 days of purchase.

 If the tool is purchased without examination or checking the demo version of the software, a refund can not take place.

 If the tool is not able to perform the action for which it was made, the user will be asked to upload the recoverable file over the FTP server, so that our team can work intensively over user’s issue. We provide a NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement), in which a contract is made to not disclose any of our customer’s information. The User is not eligible for the refund if he/she refuses to sign the NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with

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