How to Convert MBOX to MSG File on Mac and Windows

Summary: Are you wondering how to find the best solution for converting the MBOX files to MSG on Mac & Windows? Do you want to export MBOX emails to the MSG file? If your answer is yes then here we will discuss the best possible solution for all the users of both Windows and Mac OS. There is no manual method to convert MBOX to MSG but an automated solution exists by using the MBOX Migrator tool for this conversion.


Overview of MBOX & MSG Format

MBOX files are a popular format for storing email messages because they are simple and easy to read and write. However, they can be difficult to manage if they contain a large number of messages. That’s why sometimes users want to export MBOX to MSG on Windows and Mac OS.

Whereas, the MSG file format is a binary format that stores email messages in a single file. Each message in an MSG file contains all of the information about the message, including the header, body, attachments, and any other associated data.

MSG files are more complex than MBOX files, but they are also more efficient and easier to manage. MSG files are the native format for Microsoft Outlook, so they are a good choice if you are using Outlook to manage your emails. Now let’s move on to the next section to learn the reason for converting MBOX files to MSG.

Why Switch From MBOX to MSG?

If you are thinking of switching from MBOX to MSG then this switch may be beneficial in various ways. Some of the specific reasons why users want to convert MBOX to MSGare:

  • Migrating from one email client to another: If you are switching from an email client that uses the MBOX format, such as Thunderbird, to an email client that uses the MSG format, such as Microsoft Outlook, you will need to convert your emails to MSG format.
  • Backing up your emails: Converting your emails to MSG format is a good way to back them up. MSG files are smaller and more portable than MBOX files, making them easier to store and transfer.
  • Repairing corrupted MBOX files: If your MBOX file is corrupted, you may be able to repair it by converting it to MSG format. This is because MSG files are more resilient to corruption than MBOX files.
  • Importing your emails into a legal hold or eDiscovery solution: Some legal hold and eDiscovery solutions only support the MSG format. If you need to import your emails into one of these solutions, you will need to convert them to MSG format.

How to Convert MBOX to MSG Outlook?

The automated solution for the conversion of MBOX to MSG on Mac & Windows makes use of the MBOX Migrator tool which is the best and most efficient solution. As there is no manual method possible for this migration. Let’s have a look at the automated solution for both Windows and Mac OS one by one:

Automated Solution to Convert MBOX Emails as MSG on Windows

The best possible solution for MBOX to MSG is the use of the MBOX Migrator tool. This tool is designed with an advanced algorithm that maintains the integrity of MBOX files during the migration from MBOX to MSG. This software can convert MBOX to PDF, EML, HTML, TXT, and other file formats on Windows.

  1. Download and Start the MBOX Migrator tool on Windows.
  2. Then, the Single file or Multiple Files/Folder option is available, choose as per your need.
  3. Browse the MBOX file from your system.
  4. After that, you can Preview your file.
  5. Now, Select the Saving format as MSG to convert MBOX files to MSG.
  6. Check out the features available such as Custom folder Name, Mail Filter, and so on.
  7. Click the Path to Save button to give the desired location for your resultant file.
  8. Finally, select the Convert option, and then, you can download the report.

By using this solution you can convert your MBOX files into MSG on Windows. Let’s have a look at How to migrate the MBOX file into MSG on Mac OS.

Smart Solution to Convert MBOX to MSG on Mac

The MBOX Migrator tool is beneficial for Mac users. It gives the same features to Mac users as available for Windows users. Let’s see the steps for Mac users:

  1. Launch and Run the MBOX Migrator tool on your Mac OS.
  2. Select either the Single file or Multiple files/ folder in your Mac.
  3. Browse the MBOX file that you wish to export MBOX emails to MSG.
  4. Then, choose the folder from the tree structure.
  5. After that, select the Output format as MSG on your Mac.
  6. Click Path to Save to choose the specific location for your resultant file.
  7. Lastly, choose the Convert button to complete the conversion process in Mac.

This software has a simple GUI which makes it easy to use for those users who don’t have much technical knowledge. You can try the free demo version that converts 50 emails only.


In this blog post, we have shown you an effective and straightforward method to convert your MBOX files to MSG file format. Since there are no manual methods available for this task, we recommend using a top-notch solution that helps you convert MBOX to MSG files. Moreover, you can use the application’s demo version to check its working performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I eliminate similar MBOX emails during conversion?

Ans- You can eliminate similar MBOX emails during the conversion by using the automated tool. This tool gives the feature to remove duplicate emails which can eliminate similar emails.

Q. Can I export multiple MBOX files to MSG?

Ans- Yes, you can export multiple MBOX files to MSG by using the third-party tool. By using this tool you can select either single or multiple files at a time.

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