How to Convert NSF to PST Without Lotus Notes in Easy Way

Summary: To export NSF files into Outlook PST, you will have to install IBM Lotus Notes because there is no other way to transport the NSF files to Outlook PST without it. Hence in this blog, we will explain a straightforward method to convert NSF to PST. In addition, there is also a Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter tool for quick and secure conversion of NSF files to PST. Download Now   Purchase Now

Users can send and receive emails, set up appointments, and save data in NSF files using Lotus Notes. However, the drawbacks of utilizing IBM Lotus Notes are understandable if you already use it. Updates and backups are frequently necessary for the Domino server and the current Lotus Notes program. In contrast, MS Outlook is an excellent email client that enjoys widespread use due to its exceptional features. It enables users to store their information in a Personal Storage Table (.pst), which is also reachable offline. Additionally, you can password-protect your PST files to prevent unauthorized access. Before moving on to the methods, let us first describe some reasons that led us to NSF to PST conversion.

Reasons to Convert NSF to PST

There are many reasons that can lead you to convert NSF files to Outlook PST, some of which are mentioned below.

Expensive: Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office, so there is no need to buy Outlook separately. It is also available at a very reasonable price in the Microsoft Office Suite. However, when we compare Outlook to Lotus Notes, we need to pay more to purchase it externally.

Account management: Microsoft Outlook users can manage one or more accounts of any webmail and complete any work in a specific amount of time. However, Lotus Notes users can only manage one account at once.

GUI: Compared to the Lotus Notes interface, the Outlook UI is far nicer and more appealing. This is a key factor for new users switching to Outlook. Users wish to convert NSF to PST without Lotus Notes for added convenience because alternative platforms are complicated.

Maintenance Cost: Unlike Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes has a substantially greater maintenance cost. These are some factors that cause the NSF to PST conversion. Now, let’s learn how to export the Lotus Notes NSF files to Outlook.

Method 1: How to Export NSF to PST Manually

You can not convert NSF files directly to the PST. First, you need to export the NSF files to CSV file format and then import the exported CSV file into MS Outlook. Hence this method is divided into two parts, as described below. Follow the steps to convert NSF to PST.

Part 1: Convert NSF Files into Intermediate CSV File

  1. Open your Lotus Notes account.
  2. Go to File>> Export.
  3. In the dialogue box, select the destination of the File you want to save.
  4. Choose the Comma Separated Value file format, enter a name for your output file, and hit the Export button.
  5. Select the desired option from the CSV Export window and then click OK.
  6. Finally, your data from the NSF file is now saved in CSV format at the defined location.

Let’s move to the next part.

Part 2: Import the CSV file into MS Outlook

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. On the main menu, select the File tab.
  3. Now click Open & Export and select Import/Export.
  4. Choose “Import from another program or file” from the dialogue box, then click “Next.”
  5. Select “Comma Separated Values”, then click Next.
  6. To select the exported CSV file, press Browse. Select any option from the Options menu, then click Next.
  7. To make other settings, check the appropriate box, then click Finish.

By following the above steps, you can convert NSF to PST. However, this procedure contains many disadvantages that could harm your data while converting. So to be on the safer side, we suggest you go with a professional solution described below.

Method 2: Professional Method to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST

NSF Converter Tool is the best utility to convert NSF files directly to Outlook PST. It allows users to export NSF files into many formats, such as PST, MBOX, PDF, MSG, HTML, MHTML, etc. You can also import IBM Lotus Notes to Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, and other email clients.

Steps to convert NSF to PST

  1. Download and install the NSF Converter Tool.
  2. Run the software add the NSF file and folders and click Open.
  3. Here, you can preview the details of the selected NSF file. Select desired mailbox folders and click Next.
  4. Select PST as your saving format in the Save/Backup/Migrate field.
  5. Choose the destination for the NSF file to store using the Select Path options.
  6. Hit the Convert button to convert the NSF file into a PST file.

Following the above steps, easily export your Lotus Notes data to Outlook PST.


In a nutshell, we’ve covered two ways to convert NSF to PST: manually and professionally. The manual process is time-consuming and difficult, making it inappropriate for non-technical persons. On the other hand, the professional method is extremely secure and reliable; however, it’s up to you to choose at your convenience. Although we suggest, you use the professional solution to export the NSF files into Outlook in bulk. To explore more, you can also try the demo version that can convert 50 emails per folder.

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