How to Convert OLM to PDF Document- A Simple Guide

Summary: Are you seeking an effective and easy solution to convert OLM to PDF format? If yes, this article will help you to resolve your issue. With this blog, you’ll learn different methods to export OLM files to PDF. as well as we’ll offer you an alternative solution that can convert OLM files to PDF using the OLM Converter tool. Let’s read this blog until the end to learn how to export an OLM mailbox to PDF without losing data.


A Brief Introduction of OLM and PDF

OLM Format: OLM is a file extension that stores mailboxes, calendars, tasks, contacts, and other items. Mac users can easily open OLM files with Mac Outlook. As we know, OLM files are not compatible with Windows, Outlook, and other applications. Hence, if you need to open an OLM file other than macOS then you have to convert it into other file formats. Therefore, PDF is one of the most trusted documents to save your OLM data.

PDF Format: PDF files are popular for storing and sharing documents; they offer several advantages over other file formats. It has some of the most notable benefits of PDF files, such as portability, consistent layout, security via password protection and digital signatures, efficient compression, and accessibility features. So, it is the most preferred file type to export OLM files with reliability. Now, let’s move forward to learn the effective methods of OLM to PDF conversion.

Effective Solutions to Convert OLM to PDF

Here, we are going to describe the best methods to convert an OLM file to a PDF using manual or professional methods. Both methods are effective and easy. So, you can use any of them that suits you. Now, let’s move toward approaches.

  1. How to export OLM to PDF manually?
  2. How to convert OLM emails to PDF directly?

Method 1: How to Convert OLM Files to PDF Manually?

This method allows you to convert individual emails to PDF documents. It does not convert the attachments in the emails. You can convert OLM to PDF files without any cost.

  1. First, open Outlook for Mac.
  2. Pick out the email that you need to convert.
  3. Then, click on the file and select the Print option.
  4. Now, go to the drop-down list and choose the Save as PDF option.
  5. After all, enter a Name and select the location to save the file.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button.

Note: You can save all your OLM files one-by-one using the above steps. However, it’s time-consuming, and you can’t export OLM files to PDF in bulk. If you want to save a Mac Outlook email as a PDF in bulk, you can choose an automated solution to keep your OLM files to PDFs with attachments. Furthermore, it can save you time and struggle. Let’s learn how to save OLM emails to PDF at a time.

Method 2: How to Convert OLM Files to PDF Directly?

This is an automated solution to convert OLM to PDF in bulk. You can easily save Mac Outlook emails as PDFs using the OLM Converter tool. It offers various features like Remove Duplicate, Date Filter, etc. Also, it has a user-friendly interface. It also converts OLM to CSV, MBOX, PST, and many other file formats. Therefore, non-technical users can use this application without technical knowledge. You can easily save your large data directly by following the steps below.

Steps to Export OLM Files to PDF

  1. Download & Install the OLM Converter tool.
  2. Click the Select Files/Select Folder button to browse the files, then Next.
  3. Now, choose the PDF file format from the drop-down list.
  4. After that, pick the features that you want.
  5. Then, set the location from the Path to Save button.
  6. In the end, hit on the Convert button to initiate the conversion process.


As we discussed above, there are two different methods to convert OLM to PDF files. So, you can choose any approach to convert them. Both ways are effective and easy, but the thing is, you can convert individual emails to PDF using the manual method. On the other hand, an automated solution can convert multiple OLM files into PDFs. However, we suggest you use the professional approach. Well, it’s up to you, so choose the solution that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I convert multiple OLM emails to PDF? 

Ans- You can easily convert multiple OLM emails to PDF at a time using the professional tool. This application can convert OLM to PDF files in bulk. Also, you can download and Run this application without any cost. So now, what are you waiting for? Just download and try it first.

Q. How to open OLM files on Mac without Outlook?

Ans- You can open OLM files on a Mac without Outlook using the OLM Convert Tool. This tool allows you to take a preview of your selected file. Simply, Download & install the OLM Converter Tool. Select the OLM file that you want to open. Click Next, then preview the OLM file from the tree structure list.

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