How to Fix SQL Server Error 4064 Login Failed

Summary: Warning! In SQL databases, a default account is usually created when a user connects to the SQL server. The issue we’re addressing here is linked to SQL Server error 4064, which displays the message ‘cannot open user default database.’ In the next section, we’ll explain how to resolve this problem using various methods and in the end, will know the best MSSQL Recovery tool. But before we dive into the solutions, it’s important to understand the signs of this error so you can recognize it when it occurs. After that, we’ll discuss the reasons behind SQL Server error 4064. Download Now   Purchase Now

What is Error 4064 in SQL Server

Each user uses a default database generally. The default database is used when connecting to a computer running Microsoft SQL Server and when no requirement for a login account. But, when a default database is not present during the connection then users may not be able to connect. In that situation, error message 4064 is received, which is related to the following:
Error Message- “cannot open user default database”

cannot open user defult database

The connection issue with the Default database is visible from above. It either means that the database is invalid or that there is no permission to connect. This Microsoft SQL Server Error 4064 is responsible for multiple reasons. We mentioned them all here:

Reasons for SQL Server Error 4064

  1. The database may or may not exist on the server or in Suspect Mode.
  2. Entered the emergency mode.
  4. The server is in single-user mode and any other user is already using it.
  5. The client who attempts to connect to the server may not map the login account and access is denied to the user.
  6. The database may also be a part of mirroring, or the database may be removed.

Depending on the server environment, different techniques must be used to get rid of the “cannot open user default database” error. The manual methods for fixing the database error are described below for SQL version 2005 and its later version.

How to Solve SQL Server Error 4064 Manually

There are two ways to resolve this SQL error:

  • By SQL Server Environment

Method 1: Resolve SQL Server Error 4064 Using SQL Command-Line or SQLCMD

To change the default SQL Server, use the SQLCMD utility. To do this, follow the steps shown below:

  1. The first move is to press the Start button and then type Run.
  2. Then in the Run dialog box write cmd and press enter.
  3. Install any of the command prompt methods depending on the type of authentication of the SQL Server you prefer.
  4. Type this command for SQL Server authentication: sqlcmd E -S InstanceName d master
  5. Type command: For Microsoft Windows authentication “Sqlcmd -S InstanceName -d master -U SQLLogin -P Password”
  6. Next within the sqlcmd prompt, type the command below and press the Enter button: “ALTER LOGIN SQLLogin WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE= AvailDBName”

Where the already existing database name is shown by AvailDBName. This database can also be used for SQL Server login synchronization with the SQL database.

Method 2: Resolve Error 4064 Using SQL GUI or Server Environment

  1. First, open the SQL Server 2005 login page, then press Options.
  2. Next, use existing databases such as Master to change the Connect to database status.
  3. Eventually, click the button Connect.

With a lengthy process that irritates users, manual ways are complex to use. Since manual ways have a slow processing speed, users may not prefer manual ways first and look for a direct solution. So there’s also a direct approach for those users here.

Method 3: Resolve SQL Server Error 4064 With Expert Solution

You can follow the above significant techniques one by one to solve the database error. SQL Database Recovery is another best way to get rid of this issue if you are facing some manual techniques problems. This software allows us to remove the SQL server error more proficiently. Let’s talk about some important features of the MSSQL Recovery tool.

  • Corrupt MDF and NDF files from SQL Server can be restored.
  • Recovers file objects including tables, stored processes, opinions, programmability, triggers, default, and features.
  • Before saving, the preview option is available to review the information.
  • Then it can save collected information in the format of the SQL Server server.


In this write-up, we have discussed a manual and professional solution to solve Microsoft SQL server error 4064. An expert solution is provided for those users who get irritated by manual approaches and search for a direct solution. SQL Database Recovery is a direct way to move out from “cannot open user default database” quickly.

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