Export GoDaddy Email to PST- A Comprehensive Guide

Summary: Are you searching for the best solution to migrate GoDaddy email to Outlook? If yes, then you have come to the right article. This blog will describe how to manually export GoDaddy email to PST using the GoDaddy Email Converter tool. If you want the right solution to download GoDaddy to Outlook, read this blog until the end. First, Let’s move toward the basic knowledge of the PST file format.


What are the Features of the PST File Format?

PortabilityIt can easily move from one computer to another.
ScalabilityIt can be scaled to accommodate large amounts of data. It makes them a good choice for users with a lot of email data to store.
SecurityPST files can help to protect the data from unauthorized access.
CompatibilityPST files are compatible with various email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Messaging, and others.
BackupIt can be used to back up email data because it protects their email data from loss or damage.

Method 1: Export GoDaddy Email to PST With Outlook

This method is technical and free to export GoDaddy email to Outlook PST. In this method, we’ll export emails from GoDaddy to PST with the help of the Outlook application. Let’s learn how to upload emails from GoDaddy to PST with Outlook.

  1. First, open Outlook on your system.
  2. Go to the File tab in the top-right corner.
  3. Choose the Open & Export>>Import/Export option.
  4. Select the export to a file option and click Next.
  5. Choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option, then Next.
  6. Select the email folder and then Next.
  7. Now, select the destination to save the PST file and then Next.
  8. Finally, click on the Finish button.

If you are facing problems with the manual technique, choose another solution that can export GoDaddy email to PST in bulk without losing any data. However, the manual method has limitations that are given below.

What are the Limitations of the Manual Method?

  • It’s time-consuming when you have a large number of emails to export.
  • It’s prone to errors when you are unfamiliar with the steps involved.
  • The export process sometimes fails when your PST file is corrupt & damage.
  • The PST file size limit is 2 GB. If you have more than 2 GB of email data, you must split the data into multiple PST files.

Method 2: Export GoDaddy Email to PST Without Outlook

This method is the best and risk-free way to export multiple emails from GoDaddy to PST. It provides various features with a user-friendly interface. However, everyone can use this application without technical knowledge. It allows use to GoDaddy to Office 365 Migration as well as other email clients. Let’s learn how to download multiple emails from GoDaddy to PST simultaneously.

Steps to Export GoDaddy Email to PST

  1. First, Download & Install GoDaddy Email Software.
  2. Then, select GoDaddy from the left side list.
  3. Now, enter your Email ID or App Password, then click on the Login button.
  4. After that, select the folders from the tree structure list and Next.
  5. Choose the PDF file format from the drop-down list and set the Destination Path, then Next.
  6. Select features that you need.
  7. At last, Tap on the Convert button to begin the conversion.

Also, you can download a free trial version of the Godaddy Email Converter to migrate GoDaddy emails to PST files. The demo version allows you to download 50 items per folder.


This blog explained two different techniques to export GoDaddy email to PST with or without Outlook. In the first method, we discussed the manual approach to downloading GoDaddy email to PDF without any cost. On the other hand, we explained the professional method to migrate multiple GoDaddy emails to PST without losing any data. Now, you can switch any of them as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I take backup GoDaddy to PST?

Ans- 1. Download and install Godaddy Email Tool.
2. Choose GoDaddy from the list.
3. Enter your Email ID or App Password, and click Login.
4. Select folders, and click Next.
5. Pick PDF format, set destination, and click Next.
6. Choose features and click Convert to start.

Q.  Can I save GoDaddy emails with attachments?

Ans- Yes, you can save GoDaddy emails with attachments using the professional tool:
1. Download & install Godaddy Email Converter.
2. Select the GoDaddy option from the left list.
3. Add ID or App Password and click on the login button.
4. Select folders from the tree structure list and Next.
5. Choose the format from the drop-down list.
6. Set Destination Path and Next.
7. Choose features, then click on the Convert button.

Q.  How do I enable IMAP in GoDaddy email?

Ans- 1. First, open the GoDaddy website and go to the Email tab.
2. Then, click the settings icon>>Forwarding>>POP/IMAP tab.
3. Now, enable the Enable POP access & Enable IMAP access option.
4. After that, hit on the Save button.

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