Best Way to Fix Canon Camera Error Codes

Summary: Error codes are not only associated with Canon cameras. We often face these errors with other cameras too. It could be a Canon Memory card error, Canon camera error codes, or something blocking the lens and camera body contact. So, in this article, we’ll go through some best practices to fix canon error codes. Multiple Canon camera error codes are due to a memory card or other reasons. Canon has also provided solutions to those error codes. But there can be chances that there is an accidental deletion of photos or video from the SD card in such case, our images or videos become inaccessible or corrupt, so to recover such data, we have also introduced the professional Hard Drive Recovery tool. Download Now   Purchase Now

Common Canon Camera Error Codes and DIY to Fix Them

Most of the errors in Canon cameras take place due to memory cards or SD cards, lens, and camera contact, and overheating. Let’s take a look at all the common error codes.

Canon Errors Due to Memory or SD Cards

Flash memory cards like SD cards are the frequent choice for us. As per the SD Association, the lifespan of an SD card for normal use is 10 years and it varies from the usage. Corruption or inaccessibility in the memory card can take place before the card’s lifespan and can generate further error codes in Canon cameras.

1. Err 02 Canon

Problem- The memory card is not accessible by the camera.
DIY- Try to remove and re-insert the memory card or format it.


2. Err 03 Canon

Problem- Too many folders in the memory card can’t save the photos.
DIY- Replace the card content on your PC and format it to remove EOS error 03.

3. Err 04 Canon

Problem- The camera cannot save photos because the memory card is full.
DIY- Transfer or delete unnecessary images, or format the SD card.

Canon Errors Due to Overheating, Lens-Camera Contact, and other Hardware

Our DSLR Cameras have two units: lens and camera body. The lens and camera body are connected through some pins. If somehow these pins get dirty or something blocks their connection, it generates an error. These are some common canon errors due to these issues:

1. Err 01 Canon

Problem- Communication between lens and camera not working.
DIY- Clean the contact pin of the lens and camera body with a dry and clean cloth.

Err 01 code in canon

2. Err 05 Canon

Problem- Built-in flash can’t be raised.
DIY- Turn off the camera for a while and turn it on again or reinstall the flash.

Err 05 in canon camera

3. Err 06 Canon

Problem- The sensor cleaning unit not working.
DIY- Try to turn off the camera and turn it on again.

4. Error 60 Canon

Problem- Lens movement is being obstructed.
DIY- Clean the Lens and if something is obstructing the lens movement, remove that to canon error 60 fix.

error 60 canon camera

5. Error 99 Canon

Problem- Various reasons block the functioning of the camera.
DIY- Canon 40d Error 99 is very common among Canon users. Try to turn off the camera and restart it. If that doesn’t work clean the lens and camera body contact points.

Error 99 Canon

Canon Errors Due to the File System and Mechanical Malfunction

Cameras are made using multiple components. These components together make it function and allow us to take videos and pictures. If any of the components malfunctions, it creates an error. These error codes are common in Canon EOS 5D Mark iii, Canon 70 D, Canon 60d, Canon 40d. These are the error codes due to component malfunction:

1. Err 10 Canon

Problem- A file system malfunction took place.
DIY- Turn off the camera and after 20-25 seconds turn it on. It will resolve the issue.

2. Err 20 Canon

Problem- A mechanical malfunction has been detected.
DIY- Do the same, turn off the camera wait for 15-20 seconds, and power it on.

Err 20

3. Err 30 Canon

Problem- A shutter malfunction took place.
DIY- Turn the power off of your camera wait for 15-20 seconds and power it on.

canon camera error 30

4. Error 40 Canon

Problem- A power malfunction has been detected.
DIY- Do the same, turn off the camera, and after 15-20 seconds power it on.

5. Err 50 Canon

Problem- An electric control malfunction took place.
DIY- Turn off the camera and wait for 15-20 seconds to restart it.

6. Err 70 Canon

Problem- An image-associated malfunction took place.
DIY- Turn the Power off and restart it after 20-25 seconds.

7. Err 80 Canon

Problem- An image or electric control malfunction was detected.
DIY- Power off the camera unit and restart it after 15-20 seconds.

fix error 80 in canon camera

8. Err 80 Canon

Problem- An image or electric control malfunction was detected.
DIY- Power off the camera unit and restart it after 15-20 seconds.

Precautions We Should Take to Keep a Canon Camera Away from These Error Codes

For the bloggers and vloggers like us, cameras are the best way to show the world through our eyes. So it’s really important to take care of them and treat them well for their better functioning. Just follow these golden rules to make your Canon EOS Camera secure from Canon camera error codes as well as from physical damage:

  • Perform a regular cleaning using a dry and clean cloth or you can go for a professional Canon cleaning kit. It will remove all the dust from the camera and avoid Canon camera error codes.

    cleaning canon camera
  • Keep your camera away from the humidity. As we all love water sports and beaches but it also increases the chances of getting our camera wet. Even a small amount of water can harm our camera.

  • Use a pouch to store your camera. Whenever it’s not in use let it rest inside a dry and protective pouch.

  • Give your camera time-to-time professional service from Canon people.

    canon camera lens setup
  • Always check the functionality of the camera before using it so that you will not miss your data and effort.

    canon camera in hand
  • Keep a backup of batteries, SD cards, adapters, lenses, and even an extra camera body so that you don’t miss even a single shot.

How to Recover Canon Camera Photos From SD Card

We have gone through a lot of DIYs to fix Canon camera error codes. Most of the problems are initiated by a corrupt memory card. The memory cards also corrupt when we try to transfer our pictures or video to our computer. In that case, all the pictures stored in the camera are inaccessible.

There could be accidental deletion of photos or videos from the SD card also which can take place. In both cases, our images and videos become inaccessible or corrupt. So to recover photos from SD cards, we should go for professional software. It increases the chance for recovery of all our valuable and important data from memory cards. I’ll suggest you the Windows Data Recovery tool. This Data Recovery Tool is capable enough to recover all the possible data from SD cards as well as from Internal/External hard drives, DVDs, CDs, and any kind of Physical Storage.


In the end, I’ll suggest you, take all the precautions mentioned above, and if somehow you missed something or the camera shows an error code, just follow the DIY given above. It will fix Canon camera error codes like error 60 Canon, error 70 Canon, error 80 Canon, error 90 Canon, etc.; at most and will make your Canon camera functioning properly.

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