Free Download EML to PST Converter Full Version

Many users face issue while migrating from EML supported email client to MS Outlook. As it is not an easy task to convert EML to PST of Outlook. If you are planning to do it manually then you should have some decent amount of technical expertise otherwise you will not be able to perform this complex task. So to make it easy convertertools have designed a whole new free software to convert EML to PST, which is EML File Converter. You can do a quick free download EML to PST Converter free version easily.

In this handout, we will go through a lot of things like the tool, its features, how it works and why do we need it. So without wasting time lets get started.

Various email clients like Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, The Bat!, Zoho Mail, etc support .eml file format. They can be easily converted into Outlook supported file format, PST data file. For doing so you need to use Free Full version of EML File Converter Tool for better results.

Features of EML File Converter Tool:

The Free EML Converter got some salient features which make migration an easy process.

  • Successful migration from EML email clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc to other email clients.
  • Convert EML to PST format of MS Outlook without any trouble and data loss.
  • Directly export EML to Outlook using a software wizard with no efforts.
  • Perform batch conversion of EML files to save time and efforts.
  • Export the file with all its attachments.
  • Locate all the EML files on your system using the smart search feature.
  • Date range option to convert specific email items from a particular timespan.
  • A great GUI with a self intuitive approach to perform the conversion with ease.

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How to convert EML to PST of Outlook:

If you are trying to do it manually then you should sound technical and have expertise in it but if you are looking for an automatic solution to convert EML file format into MS Outlook supported PST file format, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Launch the EML File Converter Tool and provide the saving path for the resultant file on your system.

Step 2. Click on the Add files button and navigate to the desired EML file for conversion. Select the file and click on the Open button.

Step 3. Select the saving option as PST and click on the save button.

Step 4. Select the date range filter and provide the Start and End date as a parameter. Then provide the naming convention and click on the Apply button. Don’t forget to Select “Maintain the folder hierarchy” checkbox.

Step 5. soon, the resultant file will get saved on the desired saving location.

Why do people Migrate from EML to PST-

EML is a file format that stores every email as an individual file. It stores most of the emails in a text format which is quite not safe. Any user can open these files on Notepad as well. Most of the time it is seen that EML file is prone to corruption which makes data vulnerable. Instead of EML, PST is quite safe and secure to operate. It provides various layers like Node Database (NDB) layer, the Lists, Tables, and Properties (LTP) layer, and the Messaging layer. Which make it more secure and provides no data vulnerability.

Bottom Line:

As we have seen that EML files are really vulnerable and not secure enough as PST files. So to convert EML to PST file format could be a great option to get maximum security and better user experience. The Tool, I’ve mentioned is EML File Converter. Which is equipped with some great features to make the conversion an easy to do task. So there is no doubt that EML to PST converter is best for it.