How to Merge Multiple PDF Files to One PDF (with or without Adobe)

In this blog, you will find the ways that can help you to convert multiple PDFs to single PDF files. It’s an easy and reliable process. There are several methods by which you can merge multiple PDFs into one. One of them is a manual approach, and the second one is an automated solution (PDF Merge). Go through this quick guide to the end to have a clear vision of how to combine pdf documents into one document.
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PDF files are the most used format among users. Its reliability and easy access to PDF data everywhere and anywhere, even without an internet connection, made it popular among users and email clients. It is a secure platform that provides easy portability. PDF files support all Windows and Mac, which eases the sharing of PDF files.

Why You Should Merge Multiple PDFs to Single PDF

There are various reasons that make users merge multiple pdfs into one. Some of them are described below.

  • To make: the search for PDF files easy and fast, users merge their multiple PDFs to single PDF.
  • Merging many PDF files into one can solve the problem of data loss during the sharing of one-by-one PDFs. For the security of your data, you can convert multiple PDF files into one that can be easily sharable.
  • After merging multiple files, user can manage their data more efficiently.

Every user has different needs to merge their PDFs into one and these are some common reasons. So let’s move ahead to explore the methods by which you can merge multiple pdfs into single pdf.

Use Adobe Acrobat to Merge Many PDF Files Manually

It is a convenient solution if you want to merge many pdfs into one manually. There are several steps to perform this procedure that are mentioned below.

  1. Download the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro program in your system and Install it.
  2. Go to the PDF button and click Combine Files.
  3. Select Add Files on the top left corner and choose the PDF files that you want to combine in one.
  4. Click the OK button to move ahead.
  5. Now, hit the Combine Files button on the screen to start the merging process.
  6. When the process is complete, go to the File Menu and click the Save As button.

By following the above steps, you can convert multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. But to do so, users need to buy the full version of the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro software. However, if you don’t want to purchase this software, you can go for the professional recommended solution described below.

How to combine PDF files without Acrobat (An Automated Solution)

Binder for PDF is the best utility to merge multiple PDFs to single PDF. This tool provides many facilities that help you convert multiple PDF files into one file in less time. It’s advanced software that can encrypt your PDFs by password to protect them from unauthorized sharing and misuse of your data. Moreover, there are several features provided by Binder for PDF tool that is mentioned below.

Key Features:-

  • Users don’t need any other application to use this tool.
  • You can crack the password of any PDF, irrespective of its owner.
  • With the help of this software, users can modify the metadata of PDF files withholding the files intact.
  • You can password-protect your PDF files.
  • It provides a safe and reliable user interface.

Steps to Merge Multiple PDFs to Single PDF

  1. Download and run the PDF joiner.
  2. Go to Add File(s) to select the PDFs you want to merge, and hit the Next button.
  3. In this wizard:
    • Firstly, add a description of your PDF file.
    • Secondly, provide a destination in the Output directory path to save the output PDF file.
    • Thirdly, encrypt your PDF with a password.
  4. Finally, hit the Merge button to start the conversation.
  5. Wait for the process to complete and click the Ok button.

Now your multiple PDFs are converted into a single PDF. It’s a very simple and hassle-free software that can solve all your problems without any inconvenience.


In the above context, we have discussed the alternative methods by which you can merge multiple PDFs to single PDF. There are two approaches manual and automated. However, the manual method is complicated whereas the professional solution is more reliable and secure. You can choose any of them but for your convenience, we suggest you use the automated solution. To explore the software you can also download its free version.


Q. How do I merge documents in PDF

Ans – Follow the Given Steps to Merge Multiple PDF Documents into Ones:
1. Go to Acrobat, open Tools >> Combine Files.
2. Select Add Files, choose the PDF files you want to merge, and click OK.
3. Now, hit the Combine Files button to start the conversion process.

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