How to Resolve MS Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06

Summary: If you use Outlook, you might run into some problems that can be quite frustrating. One of these issues is Outlook Error 0x80072f06, which is a send-and-receive error. In this guide, we will talk about this problem, but it’s important to remember that issues can happen with any email client, not just Outlook. So, in this blog, we’ll focus on how to solve MS Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06 using various techniques, and in the end we will provide the best OST File Recovery tool. We’ll start by understanding why this issue happens before we move on to the solution, which will be explained step by step. Download Now   Purchase Now

What Does Error 0x80072f06 Stand For?

Whenever Outlook faces failures in the sync process with the exchange server, we face this issue. Outlook maintains an OAB which stands for Offline Address Book, which is similar to the Global Address Book (GAB) of the mailbox of the exchange server. OAB provides all the contacts to the user when he/she is using Outlook. Sometimes the OAB files do not get created which can generate this error.

Why Does Error Code 0x80072f06 Take Place?

There are a lot of factors and reasons responsible for this issue. Like:

  • Exchange Server conversion or Migration restricts the user from creating an OAB file.
  • Migration of Outlook version to another version.
  • Synchronization failure of OST file to Exchange Server.
  • OAB and GAB synchronization failures.
  • Corrupt Windows system files.

How to Fix Outlook Error Code 0x80072f06?

There are three basic techniques to resolve this issue:

Techniques 1: Delete the Current OAB File

Improper syncing between OAB and GAB files can lead to this blunder so deleting the OSB file can resolve this issue. You can download a new OAB file directly from the Exchange server. When the new OAB file gets synced from the GAB file of the server all the blunders get resolved.

Techniques 2: Perform a Manual Windows Update

By updating the windows you can update all the corrupt and old versioned system files, which can fix error 0x80072f06. To update Windows you have to follow below steps: 

  1. Login to your system as an administrator. 
  2. Open “Settings”. 
  3. Click on “Update & Security”. 
  4. Click on “Windows Update” from update and security. 
  5. Click on the “Check for Updates” button. 
  6. After all the updates restart the system. By doing this all the old versioned system files will get updated and all the corrupt system files will get replaced, hence it will increase the chance of troubleshooting the problem.

Techniques 3: Recover Personal Folder File

Sometimes the Personal folder data file (OST File) can also be the reason for the issue. If it gets corrupt, you can recover it and can resolve this issue. To do so, you can use the OST File Recovery tool, which is an optimum solution for this error.


The issue can make the situation a real blunder for you. To resolve Outlook error code 0x80072f06, you can go through the above-mentioned methods. I assure you that it will really help you out.

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