Receiving Duplicate Emails in Outlook: Best Easy Solutions

Summary:- While using a POP3 email client like Outlook, receiving duplicate emails in Outlook is a common problem. There are multiple possible reasons why this issue happens. So, in this blog, we’re going to talk about what this means, why this happens, and how to solve it. Here, we have also introduced experts’ recommended tool named Outlook Duplicate Remover tool. But before that, let’s look into the reasons to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.


Why Outlook is Sending Duplicate Emails

There are multiple reasons for this concern as given below:

  • Many cases occurred when inbox changes with a long duration This results in the data items are not synchronized correctly further resulting in data duplication.
  • If the mailbox settings are not done correctly, Outlook will create an email account automatically. Then you will find yourself reading the same email message many times.
  • When someone uses the same emails on different devices then duplication of data is created by repeated synchronization of receiving data.
  • Confusion can be caused if the rules are not properly configured then whenever a new email message is received it leads to duplication of information.

So these are the reasons for getting duplicate emails in Outlook. Now, move further to know the solutions for solving the issue.

How to Stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 2016, 2010, and 2007?

There are many manual ways to fix Outlook sending duplicate emails, as mentioned below:

Method 1: Inbox Update Timing

By increasing the update frequency of the Outlook inbox, this issue can be resolved. Follow the given steps:

  • In the beginning, start the Outlook application and choose the Send/Receive menu.
  • Go to Send or Receive Groups options to set the value of “Schedule an automated send/receive request” under 15-30 minutes.

Method 2: Run Microsoft inbuilt Program

A user can remove duplicate emails in Outlook using Clean Up, which is a built-in feature of Microsoft. Follow the simple steps below to run the Clean Feature for the “How to stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook 2010” issue:

  • Start with the opening of MS Outlook 2010.
  • Go to the Inbox folder that includes duplicated emails.
  • Visit the Home menu>> Clean Up Option and go to any of the options listed in the drop-down menu as per your requirement.
  • There is an option for Clean Up Conversation which helps you to delete and move duplicate emails or stop receiving duplicate messages in Outlook 2010, which is connected to the Deleted Items folder.
  • To remove duplicate emails in Outlook from a specific file, select the Clean Up Folder option.
  • To delete both folders and subfolders, press the Clean Up Folder & Subfolders option.
  • At last, right-click on the Deleted Items folder after choosing these options and press the Empty Folder option to permanently delete the same emails from the Inbox folder.

Method 3: Rules Settings

By setting the Outlook rules correctly, you will stop receiving duplicate emails in Outlook. If the rules are set correctly, an Outlook user will not receive repeated emails that eventually resolve the issue.

Method 4: Change the Anti-Virus Settings

  • Anti-virus is sometimes one of the main factors that will surely receive repetitive messages. This is because it is responsible for setting up and closing the server connection. The emails will not be marked as received if the link is not shut down. Therefore, it will send redundant emails to the server.
  • To fix this, open the anti-virus software and disable the email security tool Now, wait a while for Outlook to complete sending/receiving periods. Make sure that the repeated emails are no longer received and check if the anti-virus software is running as expected.

These are the manual solutions to stop getting duplicate emails in Outlook. But these may have chances of occurrence of other errors. You can also opt for the expert-developed solution “Outlook Duplicate Remover” to delete duplicate items in Outlook without any data loss.


It’s very important to know the reasons behind “receiving duplicate emails in Outlook.” This blog has put forward all the reasons for the right way to resolve this concern. It also talked about direct software that can solve the problem quickly by maintaining data integrity. You can also recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook through this article.

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