How to Add Apple Mail Account to Outlook Email Client

If you are looking for ways to add Apple Mail account to Outlook, then you can achieve it easily by reading this blog. This write-up consists of a comparison between Apple mail and Outlook, then reasons for conversion. Also, all the manual methods to convert Apple Mail to Outlook.

Apple Mail vs Outlook-

Apple Mail is used by Mac users which is a desktop-based email client. It is the most popular email client used for storing mailing data in .mbox format.

MS Outlook is a Window-based email client used to store its mail data items like emails, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, etc. in .pst file format. Its latest upgrade offers many useful security features and some advanced features as well.

Now let us move ahead to know the reason for this migration.

Why Migrate Mac Mail to Outlook?

The core reason is, MS Outlook’s availability for both Windows and Mac. It has the best interface included with advanced filters and security features. That’s why users want to move from Apple mail to Outlook email client.

Now let us know the manual steps for it.

How to Add Apple Mail Account to Outlook-

Outlook does not support MBOX format emails in its application. MBOX format is supported by the mediators like Eudora and Outlook Express. These email clients are required to convert MBOX files into PST then the resultant PST file will be imported to Outlook successfully.

Step 1: Import Apple Mail Data into MBOX format

  1. Start the Apple Mail.
  2. Press the File tab>> Import mailboxes.
  3. In the list, choose Files in .mbox format, and press Continue.
  4. Browse the particular path on your Mac machine to see the MBOX file.
  5. Pick MBOX and hit on Continue.
  6. At last, press Done.

Step 2: Make MBOX file by installing Eudora application on Windows

For creating Apple mails into PST format , you need to install the Eudora application for Windows.

  1. First change the extension to .mbx like ABC to abc.mbx.
  2. Now, send the file (.mbx) to Eudora’s directory.
  3. To transfer the file to Eudora’s directory, navigate through this path.
  4. C:\Documents and SettingsApplication Data OualcommEudora
  5. Now, start the Eudora application >>choose .mbx file.
  6. Exit the application. The file will be generated.

Step 3: Import the resultant Messages to Outlook Express

  1. Now, start the Outlook Express.
  2. Press the File tab>>Import>>Messages.
  3. Now, choose Eudora from the list of email clients >> tap on Next.
  4. Search the ABC.mbx file and choose it>>press Ok.
  5. Go to Next >> Next>>Finish.

Step 4: Move Mailbox from Outlook Express to Microsoft Outlook/

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook for Windows.
  2. Press the File tab>>Open section.
  3. Pick Import and Export.
  4. Then opt for the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and hit Next.
  5. Now, opt for Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, or Window Mail option.
  6. Tick the Import-Mailbox checkbox and press Next.

Now, You can use the same MS Outlook mailbox that you were utilizing in Apple Mail.

These are the steps of manual solutions but take a lot of time and become more complex as well. To avoid these drawbacks, you can go through an expert solution, i.e. MBOX Converter that directly exports Apple mail MBOX to Outlook PST without any data loss. It offers bulk conversion as well. This software exports MBOX files into other formats as well such as PDF, EML, EMLX, MSG, TXT, etc.


We have explained various manual methods here to add Apple Mail Account to Outlook. As we have told you earlier that manual methods have some drawbacks, that’s why we suggest going for the alternate approach. I hope you found this article helpful. In case of any query, feel free to ask by dropping it in the comment box.