How to Convert Apple Mail’s MBOX to PST of MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007 for Windows

The Apple Mail (MBOX) is an email client, incorporated with the operating systems macOS, iOS and watchOS by Apple Inc. It has many features which provide users a wonderful experience of emailing. Therefore, it has become popular and preferred one among the maximum Mac users. Besides that, it has some reasons, which likely stops you using this email client promptly. As a result, you will start using Windows Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, or Office 365 which uses PST format. But for that, you have to convert MBOX to PST file format first.

For instance, when you move from Mac to Windows platform, your organization is also changed back to Windows platform from Mac. But, there is only, Windows Outlook on your system by which you can access the received important emails of MBOX file from your client.

The Windows Outlook has become popular due to its various features as it offers an organized, secure and safe method to save and access data. Hence, there is a requirement to convert Apple Mail to MS Outlook 2016,2013,2010,2007, etc. Have a look at some of the methods of conversion.

Manual Method for Apple Mail’s MBOX to PST Conversion

A. For Apple Mail:

Firstly convert Apple Mail data to MBOX.

  • Open Apple Mail on your Mac.
  • Then, click File-> Import Mailboxes.
  • Under the ‘Import data from:’ choose the program from where you want to import data i.e. ‘Files in MBOX format’.
  • Click Continue for further process.
  • Then browse the location of the MBOX file by clicking on Choose, and click on the Continue tab.
  • At the last click on the Done when the process is completed.

B. For Eudora:

Install Windows Eudora application for the creation of MBOX files. The reason is that cannot directly convert MBOX to PST file.

  • At first, change the extension of the imported file. For example abc to abc.mbx.
  • Then, move abc.mbx file name to a directory in which Eudora stores its files by default:
    [C: Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora]
  • Now, open Eudora and double click on xyz.mbx to create the file and then close the Eudora application.

C. For Windows Outlook:

Lastly, now you need to transfer messages from Outlook Express to MS Outlook.

  • In Windows Outlook, go to File and then click on the Open tab
  • Select Import followed by Import and Export wizard from the enlisted tabs.
  • Choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses and then click on the Next tab.
  • Now, select Outlook Express 6.x, 5.x, 4.x or Window Mail option.
  • Ensure, that Import Mail has been checked and then click on Next tab

Finally, you can access the imported folder in Windows Outlook.
The manual method to convert Mailbox to Outlook is not 100% efficient. Though, even a single mistake can destroy the whole process. It has some merits and demerits which are as follows:

Pros and Cons of these methods:

Pros: It is free of cost.

Cons: Its execution is difficult. These methods require good technical knowledge. It is a slow process. It does not give assured results.

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Use MBOX Migrator to Convert Apple Mail’s MBOX to PST of Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010

There are many tools available in the market, to choose the best one is a difficult task. Though, you can try Apple Mac Mail Converter which gives results with more assurance and in less time.

Download Free MBOX Converter

It has various merits which are described below.

Pros: The data will not change after conversion. It is a user-friendly tool does not require good technical knowledge. The time will also get saved.

Cons: It got no demerits.

So these are the ways to convert MBOX to PST file format of MS Outlook. The manual methods got some complexities and they also need some technical sounding to get done So it’s better to go for the automated solution. Hope it will help you out.