How to Crack PST File Password in Outlook: Best Methods

What will you do if you lost or forgot PST password? Don’t know the way to remove password from PST file? Don’t worry, in this handout, I’ll give you some great hacks to solve How to Crack PST File Password. It includes Manual and Professional ways. Here, we will provide step by step process to manually Crack PST Password. Also, we will discuss experts’ recommended utility named PST Recovery tool. So, without wasting time let’s get started.

PST Recovery Tool

Outlook is a great email-client server. It uses a central repository that can be used to store mail items over it and this central repository is called Exchange Server. The exchange server creates a map or path to forward emails and messages to their desired recipient. PST file is the Personal Storage Table which stores messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft software such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Exchange Client.

PST file can be encrypted using a password for better security, after applying a password, whenever you will try to access the PST file it will ask you for the password. So your valuable information is encrypted using a password and it is also safe from unauthorized access.

Protecting your PST data using a password is really good practice, but what will you do if you lost or forgot PST password. In that situation, you need to remove password from PST file. Thus, here I’ve stated the solution for How to Crack PST File Password. Also to Fix Outlook POP Server Timeout Error 0x8004210a, you can check here.

Why Do We Need to Crack PST Password?

There could be many reasons to break PST password, like:

  1. Your PST password was simple and you wanted to make it more complex and hard to crack.
  2. Being a human, you tend to forget things easily and passwords are one of them.
  3. You want to make it public and don’t need any encryption or password protection anymore.

So whatever the reason you got to break the password. For this, you do need a method to crack it. You can also check ways to recreate OST file of Outlook.

How to Crack PST file password?

For removing password from an Outlook PST file, there are multiple methods available. Here, I’ve listed all of them below:

Method 1. Crack PST Password using “pst19upg.exe”

This exe file is provided by Microsoft Corporation, which is a great utility to remove password from PST file. Basically, this utility is for upgrading the Outlook but you can also use it to break PST Password. Just follow the below steps to remove PST file Password using pst19upg.exe.

  1. Search the “scanpst.exe” on your PC.
  2. Run scanpst.exe and click on repair and please keep backup of your Outlook PST File, before applying this repair process.
  3. Now, click on the “Start” button >> “Run” OR Press “Window Key” + “R”.
  4. In the run prompt, type CMD and press enter button.
  5. Copy the path of Your PST File into a command prompt.
  6. This will create a copy of PST called “yourfilename.psx”(same as original PST File).
  7. When you have completed this process, just rename the original PST File as old PST File.
  8. Now, at the command prompt, type “pst19upg.exe-newfilename.psx” and hit enter.
  9. This method will create a Password free Outlook PST File from the old PST file.

Now, run “Scanpst.exe” and repair the newly created Password free PST file.

Method 2. Manual Way to Change Outlook PST Password

This method comes handy when you want to recreate password or change PST Password. For using this method you need your old PST password for applying the new password. So for recreating PST password, follow the below steps.

1. Run MS Outlook application and open account setting inside tool option.     

2. Go to Data file tab and select the PST file for which you want to recreate the password and then click on the Settings option. 

Outlook Account Settings

3. A new window will appear on your screen, select ‘change password’ option.

Change Password

4. In the freshly appeared window give your old and new password and click on OK button.

Change PST Password

Method 3. Crack PST File Password using Automated Tool

If by chance you are unable to crack PST password manually, you can go for an automated tool. This can be helpful in case when you don’t want any technical hassle in your work and want to break PST password ASAP. The PST data Recovery can be a helpful utility to remove password from PST file.


So, although it’s a good practice to secure your PST file using a Password or encryption and when you forgot PST password it also becomes a hurdle to cross. There could be various reasons for removing PST password but you do need an excellent way to recover it. So, this was how to crack PST File Password.

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