How to Convert OST to EML Files: Top 2 Best Techniques

Summary: If you are looking for reliable solutions to convert OST to EML files then you landed in the right place. Today, we will come to know about the reasons to migrate the OST Files to EML and the best methods to convert which are manual methods and automated methods by using the OST to PST Converter tool. Moreover, before we focus on the above-mentioned points, let’s know more about these two file formats.


Reasons to Convert OST Files to EML

There are a number of reasons why you might want to convert the OST files to EML files. Here are some of the most common reasons for this conversion to migrate OST to EML:

  • To access your email data on a different device that doesn’t have Outlook installed. OST files are only compatible with Outlook, so if you want to access your email data on a different device, you will need to convert it to EML format.
  • For importing your email data into a different email client. If you want to switch to a different email client, you will need to convert OST to EML format so that you can import them into the new client.
  • To back up your email data. EML files are a more portable and versatile format than OST files, so they make a good choice for backing up your email data.
  • To share your email data with others. EML files are a standard format that can be opened by most email clients, so they are a good way to share your email data with others.

Few Facts About OST & EML File

OST files are commonly used by Microsoft Outlook to store data in offline mode. They can contain a variety of information, including emails, tasks, calendars, notes, and contacts. EML files, on the other hand, are individual email messages that can be opened by any email client.

Because the two file formats are different, sometimes users may need to export Outlook OST files into EML. Converting OST files to EML files is relatively easy. There are two best solutions that can be used for this purpose.

Once the conversion is complete, the EML files will contain all of the same information that was in the original OST file, including the email body, attachments, sender and recipient information, and timestamps.

Best Solutions to Convert OST to EML Files

The best two solutions for the conversion of OST to EML will be discussed here. Both methods have their own benefits but the automated solution is preferable as this method gives more features to the user and can also change the corrupt OST files. In an automated solution, you can directly save OST files to EML but in a manual method you have to follow the steps and sometimes it becomes a lengthy process to implement. Now, it’s your choice which method you want to use for converting your OST files to EML. So, we first discuss the automated solution.

Method 1: Directly Convert OST to EML

This automated solution converts the OST files directly into EML files. The OST to PST Converter tool provides various features and facilities to the users such as it convert OST to MBOX, EML, CSV, MSG, PST, and so on. This professional solution is recommended by many tech experts as you can easily convert OST to PST files including all the emails, attachments, contacts, etc.

  1. Download and Run the OST to PST Converter software.
  2. Click on the Single File or Multiple Files/Folder option and then select the OST files you want to convert.
  3. Now, The software will display all the folders and emails in the OST file in a tree structure.
  4. Then, Select the folders or emails that you want to convert.
  5. After that, Under the “Saves/Backup/Migrate As” menu, select “EML” as the saving format.
  6. Now, Choose the location where you want to save the converted files.
  7. Finally, Click on the “Convert” option to start the conversion process of OST to EML.

This automated solution is reliable and can convert the OST files into EML in bulk also. If you have corrupt or damaged OST files then you can also go with that solution.

Method 2: Convert OST to EML Files Manually

If you are considering converting your OST files to EML files, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You will need to make sure that all of the email messages in your OST file are in a good state. If there are any corrupt or damaged messages, they will not be converted correctly. So, to overcome this thing you can move back to the automated solution.

To export OST to EML file format, follow these steps:

Step 1: Drag and Drop OST Files

Drag and drop the OST data file into your configured Gmail account. This will create a copy of the OST data file in your Gmail mailbox.

Step 2: Add The Gmail Data to Thunderbird

In Thunderbird, add the same Gmail application data. This will allow you to access the Gmail data in Thunderbird.

Step 3: Export EML Files From Thunderbird

Now to extract the EML files from Thunderbird to convert OST emails to EML, follow these steps:

  1. In Thunderbird, select the emails that you want to convert to EML format. You can select all by pressing Ctrl+A.
  2. Then, Right-click on the selected emails and select Save As.
  3. In the Save as dialog, select EML as the file format.
  4. After that, Browse to the location where you want to save the resultant files.
  5. At last, Click Save.

These manual solutions can become quite tedious and more time-consuming in case of bulk conversion from OST to PST. So, you can switch to a professional solution to overcome this situation.


In this article, we have discussed the reasons why you might want to convert OST to EML, and the manual steps involved in doing so. Additionally, the OST files and EML files are totally different from each other So, users have to learn the methods to convert the OST Files into EML. However, the manual approach can be complex and time-consuming, especially for bulk conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I convert multiple OST files to EML? 

Ans- Yes, you can convert your multiple OST data files to EML by using the OST to PST Conversion tool. As this tool provides the features of selecting the Multiple Files/Folder option to the users for this bulk conversion.

Q. How do I preview OST emails before conversion?

Ans- You can preview your OST emails by using the following steps:
1. Launch the Software.
2. Then, Select the Single File or Multiple Files/Folder option.
3. Browse the OST files from your PC and then click Next.
4. Now you can Preview your OST emails by double-clicking on the email files.

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