Greatest Way to Export Emails from Zoho Mail to PDF File

Summary:-We have prepared this article to export emails from Zoho Mail to PDF format. multiple queries have been raised nowadays regarding Zoho Mail conversion to PDF format. Through this write-up, we have explained both manual and professional approaches. Also, we will discuss the advanced Zoho Mail Converter tool to back up Zoho emails to PDF file format. So, go through this blog from top to bottom carefully.


Key Significance to Convert Zoho Mail to PDF

Before discussing the different methods, let’s first look at why there is a need to convert Zoho emails to PDF format. Let’s discuss Some of the major reason is as follow

  • The primary reason to export emails from Zoho Mail to PDF file format is that PDF file formats are supported by almost every device.
  • You can assign the password and secure your mailbox data in the resultant PDF file.
  • PDF file stands for Portable Document Format. Hence, it is considered an ideal file type for storing and sharing large document files easily.
  • The structure of the data remains intact whether you open a PDF file on your desktop or mobile.
  • Also, the PDF files can be accessed on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

These are the primary reasons why users export emails from Zoho Mail to the PDF file format. Now let us resolve the query, “ How can we export my inbox from Zoho Mail to PDF format”?

Method 1: Manual Approach to Export Emails From Zoho Mail to PDF

The manual method is the free solution to download Zoho emails to PDF in a few simple steps. Let’s discuss the manual step-by-step procedure below:-

  • Login to your Zoho account by providing the required Zoho credentials.
  • Open the emails which you want to convert into the PDF file format.
  • Now, click the More Action button at the top right corner and choose the Print option.
  • Further, the print preview of the selected emails will be visible on the screen. Click the Print button.
  • Choose Microsoft Print to PDF in the destination field and hit the Print button.
  • Now provide the name and destination for the resultant PDF file and hit the Save button.
  • It will export your Zoho email in PDF file format on your device.
  • Repeat this method for all Zoho emails that you want to export.

Note: The manual procedure to convert Zoho emails to PDF document format is easy and quite effective. But it has certain drawbacks: you can only back up one email at a time and also need basic technical knowledge to implement this procedure. This approach is not suitable for exporting complete Zoho mailboxes at once. Thus, we recommend choosing a professional third-party Zoho Mail converter software.

Method 2: Expert’s Solution to Export Emails from Zoho Mail to PDF

Zoho Mail Converter Software is the most efficient and reliable software. We can export Zoho Mail emails to PST and multiple file formats using this utility. Additionally, it maintains the data integrity during the email conversion. You can also check the efficiency of this software by downloading the free demo version available online.

Step-by-Step Procedure of the Zoho Mail Converter Software

  1. Download, install, and run the Zoho Mail Converter software on your computer system.
  2. Select Zoho Mail from the left column. Enter the credentials email ID, third-party app password, host, and port Number. Hit the Login option.
  3. A tree structure of the Zoho Mail data will be visible on the screen. Further, choose any data you need to back up and click the Next button.
  4. Select the PDF file format option for backup, choose the destination and log path, and hit the Next button.
  5. In the end, opt for the additional inbuilt features as per the requirements. At the end, hit on the Convert button.


After reviewing this article, you will learn many techniques for exporting emails from Zoho Mail to PDF files. However, we have described how to individually export emails from Zoho Mail to PDF manually. We recommend using the expert Zoho Mail converter software because this way is more effective in comparison to the manual way. You can use it to export particular Zoho mailbox items based on your needs by using many built-in features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I save Zoho Mail as a PDF without attachments?

Ans- Zoho Mail Converter software can be used to save Zoho Mail as a PDF. Additionally, this utility has multiple built-in features that can save Zoho Mail emails as PDFs without attachments.

Q. Can I convert Zoho Mail emails to PDF without losing data?

Ans- Yes, using the Zoho Mail Converter Tool, we can convert Zoho Mail emails to PDF without losing data.

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