A Complete Guide to Fix SQL Server Recovery Pending Error

Summary: This article explains the procedures/steps of How to Restore SQL Server Database from a .bak file. Here, we will describe the 04 easy and simple methods to restore database in SQL Server from a .bak file using the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Transact-SQL (T-SQL) query, PowerShell command, and an Aryson SQL Backup Recovery Tool. The alternate solution is to restore SQL database from Bak file, when all the manual procedures fail to restore DB from BAK file. Download Now   Purchase Now

A Brief Introduction to SQL Server Database

The system for managing relational databases is called Microsoft SQL Server (RDBMS). To put it simply, it is a piece of software made specifically for managing databases, which serves as both data storage and a data retrieval resource for other applications.

States of SQL Server Database

A SQL database is considered corrupted if the single or multiple core files cannot be accessed in the SQL server. There are different states of SQL based upon the severity of the damage that is given below:

Online: At the time of execution if one of the data files is damaged then the database will remain online and accessible.

Suspect: The database is marked as suspect if it cannot be recovered during the startup of the SQL Server.

Recovery Pending: The database is marked as being in the “Recovery Pending” state by the SQL Server if it is aware that database recovery needs to be performed but is unable to do so for any reason. In contrast to the Suspect stage, recovery is not yet underway, hence it cannot be asserted that it will fail.

However, these states are identified after the execution process. Now, let’s move further to know about several reasons behind SQL server database recovery pending fix error.

Reasons behind SQL Server Recovery Pending Error

There are many common reasons that lead to this error as some of which are mentioned below:

  • Database partition is too large or has insufficient storage space in the hard disk.
  • Equipment failure.
  • A problem or any type of corruption with the log files.
  • There were pending user actions as a result of any unfinished tasks or during a shutdown.
  • Invalid or damaged MDF files.
  • Launching the server without pauses.

The above bullets are some of the frequent causes of recovery pending in SQL server database. So let’s move ahead to learn the effective methods to repair it.

Methods to Fix SQL Server Recovery Pending Error

Here, we are going to include 03 methods: two of them are manual solutions, and the third one is a method recommended by professionals that can solve this issue in your SQL Server, so let’s get started.

Method 1: Open the Database in Emergency Mode and Initiate Forceful Repair

Execute the following queries to fix the SQL DB recovery pending state using DBCC CHECKDB.



ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set single_user




ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set multi_user


EMERGENCY mode marks the SQL database as READ_ONLY, deactivates logging, and allows permission to system admin only.

This method is capable of resolving any technical issue and bringing the database back to its accessible state. The database will automatically come out of the EMERGENCY mode.

Method 2: Mark Database in Emergency Mode, Detach the Main Database and Reattach It

The above command line helps you to recover the SQL server. However, if it does not work, you can use another method. You need to detach the main database and reattach it again. To perform this operation, open the SQL server in emergency mode. Then, perform the following steps.


ALTER DATABASE [DBName] set multi_user

EXEC sp_detach_db ‘[DBName]’

EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @DBName = ‘[DBName]’, @physname = N'[mdf path]’

The above techniques will help you in fixing the SQL Server Recovery Pending problem without any additional software. But sometimes, these manual techniques are not the most appropriate solution. Moreover, these methods need technical expertise to perform otherwise, you might face many very time-consuming hurdles. Therefore we have included a professional solution that addresses all your issues in a very systematic manner.

Method 3: Fix SQL Server Recovery Pending Error Using Automated Approach

MSSQL Database Recovery Tool is proficient software that is designed based on advanced algorithms to deal with errors in SQL Server Databases. It is very efficient in fixing SQL recovery pending problems. Using this software, you can easily recover a corrupt MDF file while maintaining data integrity and hierarchy.

Step-by-Step Guide to fix SQL Recovery Pending Error
  1. Download & Run MSSQL Database Recovery Tool
  2. Click the Browse button to select the MDF File you need to repair.
  3. Choose the Select Recovery mode option to scan selected files.
  4. Click the OK button, then start the scanning process.
  5. Now select the MDF database file and preview it after scanning.
  6. Provide your SQL Server account credentials and check the database connectivity.
  7. Click the OK button to save the recovered SQL database at the destination path.

After going through this blog, you can understand the reasons behind the pending recovery in SQL Server and several methods to fix it. We have explained two manual solutions that are capable of resolving this error but require technical expertise and time. So, we have also included a professional approach that is highly recommended by IT experts as it can deal with any problem regarding SQL Server recovery with 100% security.

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