A Complete Solution to Repair MDF File in MS SQL Server

Summary: Most users use SQL Server Databases to save all the important data in their businesses. However, due to the vast amount of data in the database, some issue arises due to system failure, virus attack, corrupt file system, etc. Ultimately, it results in corrupting database MDF files. Suppose you are one among those who are facing such issues. Then, you must find a solution to repair the MDF file in MS SQL Server. This blog summarizes the common reasons behind MDF file corruption and manual methods to repair corrupted files. We have also discussed the complete procedure to repair MDF files using the third-party MSSQL Recovery tool. Download Now   Purchase Now

Brief Introduction Regarding MDF File in SQL Server?

MDF file is the primary database file. MDF stands for “Master Database File”. It is associated with the SQL Server for storing automated data, including schema information. It also generates a database file, NDF, which stores data without schema.

MDF file is the most essential file as it stores all the important information in SQL tables. If your SQL MDF file gets damaged for any reason, then your whole database can be corrupted. Before discussing manual and professional methods to repair corrupted MDF files, let’s first explore the key reasons why it occurs.

Reasons for Repair MDF File in SQL Server

In an SQL server, the primary database files are the MDF files. So, there can be multiple reasons behind the corruption. MDF file format stores users’ data, so ultimately, manipulation can affect the entire database. Some of the major common reasons are:-

  • Inappropriate Sudden power loss.
  • If the server itself has bugs.
  • Faults in an operating system.
  • Abrupt (unexpected) system shutdown.
  • Virus outbreaks, hardware problems, etc.
  • File stored on a damaged external storage device.

If the MDF file is damaged, the SQL database cannot be accessed. A user accessing a corrupt SQL database may see several error messages. Therefore, the database administrator is accountable for acting quickly and preventing data loss.

Let’s further examine the free method for resolving the problem now.

Methods to Repair Corrupted MDF Files in SQL Servers

The manual Recovery Method is known to be the free solution to repair corrupt SQL MDF files by using the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Method 1: Repair MDF Files by Using DBCC CHECKDB Command

Follow the instructions below to repair the corrupted MDF files in SQL Server by running the DBCC CHECKDB command. These are as follows:-

DBCC CHECKDB (Name_of _corrupt _database)

Further, Look for If the Index ID >1. If yes, it is, then drop it and create it again. If in case the Index ID is 0 or 1, then run the command DBCC CHECKDB as mentioned below:-

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_fast)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_rebuild)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_allow_data_loss)

This free solution usually works well to repair corrupted MDF files without any obstacles. However, this approach is not as smooth in all cases. Sometimes, it fails at a certain level. However, manual methods possess certain limitations. Let’s further discuss these limitations in more detail.

Limitations to Repair MDF File Manually

Multiple drawbacks make the manual method a bit risky. These are as follows

  1. This manual approach doesn’t provide 100% data integrity assurance to recover an MDF file.
  2. The manual process is a time-consuming method, and it’s considered a lengthy process.
  3. This Free technique is not efficient enough to fix highly corrupted MDF files. Even if you are planning to repair multiple MDF files, the manual approach may fail.

Overall, there are many other limitations apart from this. However, these are some of the major ones. Due to these drawbacks, the manual method is not considered an appropriate method to overcome this issue. Alternately, we recommend that the most appropriate and perfect solution to repair the MDF file is by using a third-party MSSQL Recovery Tool. Let’s proceed further and discuss this in detail.

Method 2: Repair MDF File SQL Server By Using Software

MSSQL Recovery Software is the perfect solution to repair corrupt and Inaccessible MSSQL Database files in a few simple steps. It repairs easily and effortlessly without losing a single bit of Data. Additionally, it is compatible with all the Windows editions.

Moving further, let’s discuss the instruction procedure of this recovery software.

Stepwise Instruction of MSSQL Recovery Tool

  1. Download, Launch, and Run the MSSQL Recovery Tool on your system.
  2. Select an Open button on the left corner. Click the Browse button and choose the corrupt MDF file in the list. Hit on open.
  3. Select Recovery Mode: either Standard or Advanced as per the need. Also, tick the “Is SQL 2000” box if your MDF file is created in MS SQL Server 2000.
  4. Choose the recovery of deleted records and collation features type support as per your requirement.
  5. Hit the OK option now a tree structure of MDF data files appears, and check your data.
  6. Hit on the Save SQL Data button from the taskbar. Now opt for the saving mode:- either SQL Server database or SQL Server compatible Scripts. Also, provide the details as per the requirement.
  7. If you selected SQL Server Database as saving mode, don’t forget to test the database connections. Hit the OK option.


SQL server is used worldwide. However, SQL database administrators often face the problem of corrupting SQL MDF files. Even Though there can be multiple reasons for this damage, repairing an MDF file in an SQL server is quite difficult. Through this write-up- we have provided the free solution in proper detail, but it possesses certain limitations. So we recommend the most demanding risk-free method, the MSSQL Recovery Software, which can repair highly corrupted files in just a few simple steps. Feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this tool recover corrupt MDF files in the SQL server?

Ans- MSSQL Recovery is an efficient tool that recovers the majorly corrupted MDF and the NDF files in the SQL server and even repairs the inaccessible objects from them. To maintain the database integrity during the process, the software carries out an advanced non-destructive repair.

Q. Can we use this tool in Windows 10?

Ans- The MSSQL Recovery Software is compatible with all the Windows versions and even the latest edition of Windows 10.

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