How to Troubleshoot Stop 0x00000003 Error in Windows

Stop Error 0x00000003 is a Blue Screen of Death abbreviated as BSOD. It’s a System Error which restricts the access to your Windows System.

Any system having Windows NT based operating System can face this trouble. So if you are a Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows NT user, you can experience it any time.

If you are getting this blunder abbreviated as 0x3 then don’t worry, I’ll give you the possible way to troubleshoot the Stop issue. This handout will include multiple things like what the issue is, why it takes place, how to fix this problem and aftermath of the problem.

So without wasting time, let’s get started.

What the heck does it mean?

The issue is a BSOD or a Stop situation which restricts the access of your computer system. Whenever it takes place, your system goes down and you lose the access of the desktop or home screen. A blue screen on your system appears and you lose all the access to your system.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t fix the problem but yes it is hard to solve. If we dig to the root cause of the error 0x00000003 we can easily fix it.

Why does it take place?

Core culprit for the issue is compatibility between Windows parts and hardware of the system. If Windows System files get affected due to this incompatibility, you will face this blunder on your system.

Another reason for this error is Installed Device Driver. If they are not updated or don’t match the specification of hardware then it can be a reason for the inconvenience. System files often get corrupt due to these reasons and it leads to the unavailability of the services.

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How to fix this blunder?

To resolve this issue all you need to do is to fix the cause of BSOD. If you can identify the reason behind the scene, you can easily fix the issue easily. You can try these ideas to fix the problem:

Reboot your system:

The initial step to resolve the issue can be done by rebooting your system. There is a probability that the error will get resolved.

Restart the computer in safe mode:

In Safe Mode, Windows only loads those drivers which are the essential one. Rest of the drivers will be discarded. To do so just follow the below steps:

  • Press the power key and repeatedly click on F8 while holding the Shift button, for recovery mode.
  • Open the window and select the Advanced Repair option, select Troubleshoot and advanced.
  • Click on Windows Startup Settings and choose Restart.
  • There will be numbers with associated actions on your screen press the number as per your preference.

Rollback the Device Drivers:

Device drivers create the connection between the Windows and hardware components. If somehow you have installed wrong or updated a non-compatible version of the device driver, there is an option to rollback the driver to its previous stages. For doing so, you can follow the below steps:

  • Click on Cortana or search feature and search for the Device Manager and then click on the result saying, Device Manager.
  • Now, open My Computer and click on the Properties.
  • Choose the Hardware for which you want to rollback the Driver. Expand the categories to find hardware.
  • Then right-click on the hardware icon and select properties from the menu.
  • Now, select the Driver tab and click onto Roll Back Driver then confirm your rollback for the driver by clicking on the OK button.
  • After the rollback of the drivers, recheck your computer for the problem that does it still exist.

Look for the drive space:

The Blue Screens of Death and data corruption can occur if there’s not enough free space on your primary partition used for the Windows operating system. If its full try to free it.

Restore Windows in its previous version:

Sometimes the updation of service packs and Windows creates trouble to system files and it generates issues in the working of the Window. So try to rollback the previous version of the Windows version by following the below steps:

Click on Cortana or search feature and search for System Restore and then click on the result saying “System Restore”.

To select the restore point, select that date from which you are facing the issues. You can select the date from the calendar.

Now, click on the Next button to start the restoration process.

After restoring windows previous version, evaluate the problem again in your system.

Update Service Packs and drivers:

Most of the BSOD occurs due to driver and service pack. So always keep your computer updated by checking for available updated drivers and service packs. If you are using a Windows 10 machine then you can select automatic update feature which will directly update the drivers and service packs on its own and you don’t need to do it manually.

To update your computer manually, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Search Box type Windows Updates.
  • Click on the result saying Windows Updates.
  • Now, click on check for updates and install available updates.

Perform a virus scan:

Intrusions, viruses, and malware can cause instability in your system registry. Malware can be a big reason for this problem. So it’s better to scan them using anti-virus software. Fully scan your system for all type of viruses and try to use the latest security patched antivirus software for your system to get secured.

Remove external Devices:

An External device could also be a cause of the problem. If there is an external device which doesn’t play an important role in the working of the computer, remove it. There is a big chance that the issue will be solved.

Install a fresh Window:

Installing a fresh window can also work for you. This could be done if the error cannot be fixed using the above method. By installing a fresh window, all the old data will be removed and all the system file will be deleted. The new install will add new system files having no defect or corruption. This will definitely fix the problem if it’s because of Windows or any other software component.

Fix hardware:

If there is any faulty hardware component creating this issue, you can replace that or fix that to solve the problem.

The aftermath of the Error:

If you are facing a Stop or BSOD, you are the better person who understands how a great day could be ruined. It can corrupt all your system files, your personal data, data on which you were working when error took place, etc. To solve the issue you can rely on the above-discussed methods and if you want to recover your corrupt or lost data back go for trusted recovery software. I’ll suggest Windows Data Recovery.

So this was my handout which can help you to fix stop 0x00000003 Error on a windows system.

Thanks for reading.

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