How to Get More Storage on Gmail Account:  Best Techniques

Summary:- The gimmick that Google used on the world to convince is that Gmail had infinite storage. They alleged that  “Users don’t have to delete their emails,” But nearly after a decade all claims proved false. Google at present offers 15GB of free storage to save items on Google Drive, Google Photos as well as Gmail accounts. Although it seems more than enough for an average user, the free space can create havoc if you forget to delete irrelevant emails and large attachments. So here we have all the best available solutions for how to get more storage on Gmail Account? We will also discuss an expert’s recommended tool named Gmail Converter here. 

Gmail Converter Tool

Whenever the storage limits exceed it throws an error message “Gmail Quota Exceeded” and resists the users to send or receive more emails. That’s why I’ve rolled up my sleeves and come up with some useful tricks to check the Gmail storage limit and how to get more storage on Gmail Account. You can also read the blog on ways to Export Gmail to PST of Outlook, here.

What is Keeping Your Gmail Space Full?

You know how to manage storage on Gmail. It’s important to keep an eye on our storage space distribution as the storage space is allocated amongst Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. To investigate the Gmail storage:

  • Open the  Drive storage page and choose “View details” You can now see the distribution of your storage space and space consumed by your Gmail account.
  • This will help to let you know which service is consuming a large space. Now you can clear up space from that service.

Fact_O_Verse: Do You Know?
Take Gmail Mistakes Back! Don’t Know!
If you somehow sent a wrong email to a user or to a wrong user then don’t feel guilty. Now, you can undo sent emails by just going to the Labs tab in settings and then selecting Undo Send. Here, enable the Undo Send and you can take back the send emails for a particular time.

How to Get More Storage on Gmail: 5 Methods

Free Up your Google Drive and Photos Storage

Google provides 15GB of storage to its users which are shared among various Google services, especially Google Drive and Photos. Let us suppose if you have 10GB of images uploaded to Google servers, the space left for your Gmail profile is 5GB.

Now, if you are running out of space, it is always better to clean up some extra space by checking how much space is being consumed by Google Drive and Photos. If you have unnecessary files in your Photos and Google Drive, delete them right away. That will eventually allocate the free-up space for emails. 

Remove Unwanted Mails from Gmail

Google Gmail provides different tabs. Among these tabs, Inbox is the primary tab that stores all of your important emails. However, then there is Social, which keeps the updates from LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking sites, and Promotions where you get emails from your banks, clothing brands, and shopping centers. Most of the time these emails are irrelevant and eat up our Gmail space. Therefore,  when you are running short of space, it’s better to delete them. This will help to manage storage on Gmail.

Delete the Old Emails

There is no need to keep the conversations you had with your friends 10 years ago about the random topics in your inbox. If you don’t want the clutter of old emails in your mailbox, just look for them. The method is quite easy. Just open the email search bar and type “older_than:1y”. Once all the emails will be sorted, delete the ones that are not required. This will help you solve the query on how to get more Storage on Gmail account. 

Transfer Emails from one Gmail to Another

If you want to keep all your important emails and you don’t want to delete any of them, then you can simply move them to another profile.  You can migrate emails to another account by following these simple steps:

  • Form a new Gmail profile.
  • Now open the settings of the old Gmail account from which you want to move your Gmail emails.
  • Select  “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” from the upper menu and enable the option  POP for all mail, and select the “delete Gmail’s copy” option from the drop-down menu
  •  Now, open the settings of the new Gmail profile and choose      “Accounts and Import” from the upper menu. Press “Import mail and contacts”.
  • A dialog box will appear on your screen. Now provide the email from which you would like to import the emails, press Continue.
  • Now another window will appear to seek your permission. Press “Allow” and then select the import options and press the “Start Import” icon.
  • Now, wait until  Google transfer all your old emails to your new profile. Once it’s transferred, you can see all your old emails in your new profile:

However, this method comes with a limitation that the process of transferring the old emails to a new profile is time taking and sometimes it can take one week. 

Professional Gmail Converter Tool

Moreover, to get rid of all the hassles while transferring emails from your old Gmail profile to a new Gmail profile there is an alternative option for it. This tool Gmail Backup Software can help you migrate your emails from Gmail to another email client. It offers some exclusive features which include 

  • Safe Migration of Gmail emails to other email clients such as Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird and other Gmail profiles.
  • Users can save Gmail data into multiple file formats such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, TXT, etc. 
  • Pause and Resume allow users to pause the backup process and resume it afterward.
  • Date Range Filter to perform the selective backup of Gmail data.
  • Simple and Self-descriptive GUI. 
  • Compatible with all the major versions of Windows and MAC OS.

Final Words

In this blog, we have discussed on how to get more storage on Gmail Account:  Best Techniques. Don’t know about others, but I certainly get heaps of emails and despite regular Gmail clean up my trash folder mounts up and eats up the free space. Remember that the trash folder will still consume space. Gmail automatically deletes the emails from the trash folder after 30 days and you are required to clear your trash regularly. Therefore to increase Gmail storage space it’s better to use a professional third-party software i.e Gmail Converter.

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