How to Convert IMAP Emails to PDF with All Email Items

Summary:- Are you looking for solutions to convert IMAP emails to PDF files? If yes, then you are reading the right blog. IMAP Server provides access to email services anytime from anywhere around the world. Even though it doesn’t guarantee the complete security of the data stored in it. This blog will guide you on exporting IMAP server emails to PDF format. Here, we will discuss the manual and the help of a professionally certified solution with IMAP to IMAP Converter tool to download all emails from the IMAP Server to PDF files. Moving Forward without wasting time, let’s first explore the reasons behind the conversion process.


Why There is a Need to Export Emails From IMAP to PDF

There are several reasons why users need to export email from IMAP to PDF files. These are as follows:-

  1. Users can preserve their emails locally in the local drive by exporting IMAP emails to PDF.
  2. In saving the IMAP emails in PDF files, users can access their emails without the Internet.
  3. Users get the facility to access IMAP emails with all the PDF-compatible apps.
  4. Additionally, PDF files can be added with password protection, protecting the IMAP email data.

Overall, there are multiple reasons, some of the major ones discussed above. Let’s proceed to the detailed manual and professional procedure, along with stepwise instructions.

Method 1: Manual Method to Convert IMAP Emails to PDF

In the case of the manual approach, we are using the Thunderbird applications as an IMAP client to perform the procedure. Here, we’ll go through the manual process of utilizing the Thunderbird program as an IMAP client. Firstly we will configure the IMAP account in an email client; then, we need to export the IMAP emails to the PDF format.

Step 1: Configure IMAP Account in Thunderbird Email Client

  1. Download and run the email client on your system.
  2. Next, click the Continue button after entering your login information to set up your IMAP account.

    Note:-Remember to select IMAP before pressing the Continue button.

  3. Now, enter the details twice for confirmation.
  4. In the end, wait for Thunderbird to finish synchronizing the data.

Step 2: Convert IMAP Emails to PDF File Format

  1. Download the ImportExportTools NG add-on.
  2. Choose the mailbox option that you want to export into the PDF format
  3. After that, right-click and choose ImportExportTools >> Export all messages in the Folder option
  4. Now, pick the PDF Format from the drop-down menu.
  5. Then, choose the destination location in the mail client to save the resultant file.

Overall, Step 1 and Step 2 are the complete procedures of IMAP to PDF conversion for the manual methods. However, it possesses certain limitations, due to which it is not an appropriate approach for the conversion process. Moving forward, let’s look at these limitations in more detail.

Drawbacks of the Manual Methods to Convert IMAP to PDF

Although the manual approach is the free solution available to convert IMAP emails to PDF format, it possesses certain limitations. Because of these limitations, users generally prefer the professional method. Let’s discuss some of the drawbacks such as:-

  • Manually no direct method is available to export emails from the IMAP mailbox to PDF format.
  • Users must download an external application to take a backup.
  • To export IMAP to PDF, technical knowledge and ongoing assistance are required. Any incorrect move risks the danger of corrupting or losing data permanently.
  • There is no option available to export PDFs with attachments in ImportExportTools NG.

Overall, this limitation can be overcome, and to perform the conversion in a smooth process, choose the professional solution such as using a third-party IMAP to IMAP Converter tool. Let’s proceed further and discuss this in detail regarding this tool.

Method 2: Best Professional Approach to Convert IMAP Emails to PDF Format

IMAP to IMAP Converter software is an easy and reliable utility for technical and non-technical Users. Also, it offers to save IMAP emails into several file formats. This tool migrates IMAP to an IMAP-based account in significantly less time. Along with this, it covers all the added functionalities required for a seamless and efficient backup. Furthermore, this software ensures no data loss and maintains the original folder hierarchy in the ongoing conversion process.

Stepwise Instructions to Export Emails From IMAP Server to PDF

  1. Download, Install, and Run the IMAP Backup tool on your Operating System.
  2. Here, Select the Single Mode option and provide the credentials. Hit the Login option.
  3. A tree structure on your screen contains all the source IMAP ID data.
  4. After that, select the desired folders and hit the Next button.
  5. Select the file format/email clients for the backup option as PDF to which you want to migrate your IMAP mailbox data. Hit Next.
  6. Next, pick the additional features as per the requirements and provide the saving path.
  7. Click the Convert button to start backing up IMAP emails into PDF with all email items.


We explain two methods in this blog post to convert IMAP emails to PDFs. The manual approach is free of cost but provides the risk of losing data. On the other hand, the professional solution does not have such restrictions and provides several extra features. Additionally, you can download the professional, free sample version to check the software’s functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I convert IMAP to PDF files with attachments?

Ans- IMAP to IMAP Converter Software is the best professional solution to export IMAP emails to PDF with attachments. It exports Emails from multiple email clients (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) into multiple file formats.

Q. Can I convert multiple IMAP files to PDF?

Ans- Yes, By using IMAP to IMAP Converter Tool, users can export single and multiple IMAP mailboxes and attachment files.

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