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Summary: Are you dreadful about the questions regarding IMAP to IMAP migration? Go through our Blog, you are in the right direction. Here, We have provided the full information on how to migrate IMAP to IMAP accounts. Nowadays, IMAP to IMAP Migration from one server to another has become a basic need as an email client regularly upgrades its functionality these benefits help consumers choose better solutions. In addition, as a professional approach, we suggest IMAP to IMAP Converter tool which allows the user to transfer IMAP to a new server in an instant way. Let’s further discuss the benefits of using an IMAP.


What are the Benefits of Using IMAP

IMAP is termed Internet Message Access Protocol. It means it allows users to access their email messages doesn’t matter wherever they are and from any device they are accessing. It provides specifications for accessing email over Internet mail. Moreover, IMAP provides various other benefits such as:-

  • IMAP is simple to use and Configure.
  • It doesn’t require any license.
  • Almost all devices support IMAP.
  • Users can add different folders and organize their inboxes with its assistance.
  • It permits access to all messages, as both incoming and outgoing emails are already kept on the server rather than downloaded directly to your computer.
  • Attachments are not downloaded automatically, and messages are only downloaded when you click on them.

However, these are a few advantages of using an IMAP. Due to the above-mentioned benefits, IMAP to IMAP migration is common now. Let’s look further at the manual approach, how to Migrate Emails from IMAP to IMAP account.

Method 1: How do I Manually Migrate IMAP Email to a New Server?

The manual approach to migrate IMAP to a New server is quite simple and easy. The prerequisite you need before starting to migrate IMAP to IMAP accounts are as follows:-

  • First, check both servers are compatible with the IMAP Email protocol. In addition, also check that all Media Temple ( mt ) hosting packages can get connected using IMAP.
  • It will be helpful if you store the password of your Email Account that you are trying to migrate or you have to recall it.
  • Consider IMAP Compatible Email Client as a New server like Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

After Taking the prerequisite into account. Let’s move further toward the step-by-step instructions for the manual process.

Step by Step Instructions to Migrate IMAP to IMAP

  1. Firstly, Create the same email account on your new server as you created on your old Server. It will be an added advantage if you use the same spelling and capitalization.
  2. Set the same password for both the old and new servers. As soon as the process of migration is complete you can change the password.
  3. You need to create two new email accounts on your same email client. Also, make sure both email accounts have the same email addresses and the same passwords.
  4. Also, configure to connect using IMAP.
  5. Each account will have a different incoming server. Therefore, if feasible, utilize your IP address for your new server and your access domain or IP address for your old server, rather than your domain name, whenever possible.
  6. As a result, it avoids possible DNS conflicts.
  7. As you see both the accounts are online, open the source folder you created on the old server. Drag and drop the emails from this mailbox to the mailbox on your new server.
  8. Wait till the process get complete, If you have multiple emails, it will take a few minutes to complete the synchronization.
  9. Finally, your old emails are in the mailbox on the new server.

Why Manually Migrate IMAP to IMAP is Inappropriate

There are multiple reasons why the manual procedure is unsuitable which are as follows:-

  • The manual approach is time-consuming and quite complicated.
  • There are chances that your data can be lost if the procedure is not performed accurately.
  • Lack of security in the manual approach.
  • There can be duplication of data entry.
  • There are irregularities in Data Entry and there are chances for errors to occur.

However, due to the factors mentioned above Manual procedures are considered to be inappropriate. To avoid such obstacles we suggest using a more professional approach such as the IMAP Backup tool. Let’s discuss further more about this software.

Method 2: How to Migrate Email Between Servers Using IMAP Professionally

IMAP Backup software is the source of aid to all the problems enlisted above to migrate IMAP to IMAP. This software provides a direct approach to IMAP-enabled accounts of Gmail, AOL, Yahoo G Suite, Outlook, Zoho, Amazon WorkMail, Webmail, HostGator, Godaddy, and Hotmail servers to another server. Moreover, it provides an easy interface so users can complete IMAP to IMAP Migration smoothly. Let’s discuss the step-by-step procedure on how to use this software.

Follow Step By Step Procedure to Migrate Emails from IMAP to IMAP

  1. Launch the IMAP Backup Tool as an administrator.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 1
  2. Select on option Single Mode ( Backup of Single Email Accounts) and enter your Email Address, Third party app password, Port, and IMAP Host ID.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 2
  3. Note: To migrate multiple Email Accounts you can choose the option Batch Mode (Backup of Multiple Email Accounts).

  4. Select the button Let You Know, in case you face any issues with the option Host ID.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 3
  5. Choose the folders you want to migrate and click on the Next Button.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 4
  6. In the option Choose File format / Email clients for Backup, select IMAP from the drop-down list, and click Next.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 5
  7. Log in with the New Server User ID, Password, Port, and Host ID

    IMAP to IMAP Step 6
  8. Enable certain Built-in Features such as:
    • Remove Duplicate Mail based on Subject, Body, To, and From.
    • Free Up Server Space.
    • Migrate Emails Without Attachment Files.
    • Date Filter to select specific emails based on Start and End Date.
    • You can assign Custom Folder Name for the resultant output.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 7

  9. Click on the Convert Button.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 8
  10. At Last, all your IMAP mailbox emails are migrated into your New IMAP Enabled server. Select the Download Report Icon.

    IMAP to IMAP Step 9

Why this Professional Solution is Recommended

There are multiple benefits of using IMAP Backup Tools such as:

  • It allows migrating of Single as well as multiple IMAP Mailboxes at a time.
  • It helps to Migrate IMAP-enabled Account mailbox emails into your Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, and IMAP accounts.
  • Tool stores IMAP Account data in multiple file formats such as PST, MBOX, MSG, CSV, PDF, and many more.
  • This Software has many features such as a Date filter, custom folder name, and many more.


Users can opt for the Manual approach or the professional method, both the procedure are workable, and can migrate IMAP to IMAP account with 100% accuracy. But without having technical skills sometimes these manual methods can sound time-consuming, lengthy, and can be chaotic while implementing. On the other hand, we also suggest the advanced method of IMAP Backup Software which is highly recommended by IT professionals by which you can easily migrate IMAP to a New server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I migrate all emails at once from my IMAP Account?

Ans- The IMAP Backup Tool is designed so that users can migrate all emails at once. By providing the credentials such as user ID, Password, Host, and port from my IMAP account to target IMAP Account.

Q. Does this tool migrate IMAP emails with attachments?

Ans- Yes, this Tool migrates emails along with an attachment successfully between the IMAP Servers. On the contrary, it provides the feature of Migrate emails without attachment files option as well.

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