How to Convert Office 365 Emails to PDF File: An Ultimate Guide

Summary: Do you want to convert Office 365 emails to PDF format? This blog post provides two solutions for converting O365 emails to PDF format. The first solution uses the built-in feature of Office 365, which is easy to use but can only convert one email at a time. The second solution uses an Office 365 Converter tool, which offers more features and can convert multiple emails at once.


Reasons to Convert Office 365 Emails to PDF Format

Here are the points about the benefits of converting Office 365 email to PDF format:

  • Data preservation: PDFs are a reliable format for storing data, so you can be sure that your emails will be safe and accessible in the future.
  • Collaboration: PDFs are easily shared with others, making them a great way to collaborate on projects or share important information.
  • Organization: Saving emails as PDFs can help you keep your inbox organized by archiving important emails and freeing up space.
  • Portability: PDF files can be read on a variety of devices, so you can access your emails from anywhere.
  • Security: PDFs are more secure than plain text emails, as they cannot be easily edited or changed.

Best Methods For How to Convert Office 365 Emails to PDF

For the conversion of Office 365 to PDF format we will now discuss the best 2 approaches i.e. Manual and Automated Solutions. These two have their features but the automated solution provides a facility to users that convert multiple emails from Office365 to PDF. As the manual method is time-consuming we suggest you choose the automated method. Let’s first know the automated solution and then move to the manual method.

Method 1: Export Office 365 to PDF Professionally

The Office 365 Converter tool is a software application that can be used to export Office 365 emails to PDF format. It used to migrate both individual emails and entire mailboxes most easily.

Convert Office 365 Emails to PDF Format

  1. Launch and Start the Office 365 Converter tool.
  2. Now, choose the Backup option and enter Office 365 login credentials to Sign In.
  3. Then, Select the type from which you want to backup. (Mailbox, In-Place Archive, Public Folder).
  4. Choose folders from the tree structure to save Office 365 emails to PDF format.
  5. Select PDF as output format from Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
  6. Choose features according to your needs.
  7. After that, click Path to Save to define the desired location for the resultant file.
  8. Finally, select the Convert option to complete the process.

It is a powerful tool that can be used for the conversion of Office 365 emails to PDF format quickly and easily. This application is also very affordable, making it a great option for those who need to convert Office 365 emails to PDF format.

Features of This Software

  • This software allows users to export Office 365 Mailbox to PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG, and so on.
  • This automated software can migrate Office 365 mailbox emails into Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and other web & cloud-based email clients.
  • A free demo version is also available which allows users to take backup of 50 emails only.

Method 2: Office 365 Emails Saves As PDF Manually

This manual method will be done in just a few steps. But before executing this method make sure that your Office365 Admin ID is current: it must be renewed or purchased. So, if you are new, take a backup of your data files, then go with the below steps:

  1. Open your Office 365 account and launch Outlook.
  2. Now, Select the email message you want to back up.
  3. Then, Click on the three dots (…) next to the message and select Print from the menu.
  4. This will open a new window with the email message in it and then click the Print button again.
  5. In the Print dialog box, select Save as PDF from the Save as Type dropdown menu.
  6. After that, click on the Save button to save the email message as a PDF file.

You can export emails from Office 365 to PDF one at a time by using the above steps. If you need to export multiple PST files to PDF, you will need to use a professional tool.


This article will provide you with all instructions on how to convert Office 365 emails to PDF. The manual approach described in the article is not efficient for batch conversion, but the automated software can do this quickly and easily. This software can not only convert O365 emails to PDF in bulk, but it can also migrate M365 mailboxes to other file formats and email clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I convert Office 365 mailboxes to PDF?

Ans- You can convert your single or multiple mailboxes from Office 365 to PDF by using a third-party tool. Manual methods are also available but they can only convert one email at a time.

Q. Can I remove duplicate emails from Office 365 to PDF?

Ans- The Office 365 Converter tool has the feature of Remove Duplicate Emails. By using this feature you can remove all your duplicate emails and can convert emails from Office 365 to PDF.

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