Export Outlook Contacts to Mac Contacts: Reliable Methods

Summary: If you are using the Outlook application and want to export Outlook Contacts to Mac, you are reading the correct article. Here, you will get different techniques to migrate the Outlook PST files to Apple Mail. Along with that, you also learn about the multiple benefits of migrating the file. Here we have a manual approach for migrating Outlook contacts with easy steps. Additionally, we have also introduced a Professional utility named Outlook PST Converter tool. So, read the full article.


MS Outlook stores the mailbox data in PST file format when using Windows. Sometimes, you may need to migrate this PST file to contacts in Mac. Now, there are multiple techniques to export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail. But before discussing these techniques, we should learn the main reasons for the migration.

Why Should You Convert PST File to Mac Contacts?

There may be various reasons for converting your PST file to Mac Contacts. Some reasons are general and common to all, while the other causes differ from individual to individual. The following are the most common reasons for the file conversion.

  • If users want to switch to a Mac PC, they have to migrate the PST to Mac Contacts. Files compatible with Windows PC need not be suitable for Mac.
  • You may have to change the file format of PST files to share them with a Mac user. You can not open Windows Outlook contacts in Mac Contacts.
  • Another reason for converting PST files to Mac Contacts is to open the PST file contact in a Mac-based email client. So, you can access the contacts on a Mac device.

Now, you have learned why you may have to export Contact from Outlook to Apple Mail. It is time to learn how to convert PST files for Mac.

How Do I Export Outlook Contacts to Mac?

All the methods to convert a PST file to Mac contacts are either manual techniques or automatic approaches. The first one is the standard approach. It is efficient to convert the PST file to Mac. However, you must have basic technical knowledge. The second approach is the automated tool. It is the simplest and most effective method. So, let us learn different techniques in both these approaches.

Method 1: Manual Method to Convert PST file to Mac Contacts

In manual techniques, you do not need a third-party tool to convert the PST file. You use the built-in features of Outlook or other system applications. The manual process of converting PST to Mac contacts has the following two steps.

  • Convert Outlook data file to CSV
  • Import PST Contacts to Mac as CSV

Step 1: Export Outlook Contacts to Mac-Supported CSV File

First, you have to export the Outlook contacts as a CSV file and make this file compatible with your Mac device. Follow the steps below.

  • Launch the MS Outlook application and click on the File button.
  • Now, select the Open and Export tab and click on the Import/Export icon.
  • After that, choose the Export to a file option and press Next.
  • Click on the Comma Separated Values (CSV), then hit Next.
  • Choose the mailbox folders to export and click Next.
  • Click on the Browse button to assign a saving location and press Next.
  • At last, click on the Finish button to complete the procedure.

The exported CSV file is supportable in the Mac system. However, you may need to make suitable changes to the file. After that, follow the next step to export Outlook Contacts to Mac. 

Step 2: Import PST Contacts to Mac as CSV

After exporting the Outlook PST file to CSV file format, you can easily import them to Mac Contacts. Follow the steps below to import Outlook contacts.

  • Open the Contacts application on your Mac PC.
  • Now, click on the File button and then press the Import option.
  • Locate the exported CSV file and click on the Open button.
  • Mark the label to the Do Not Import option and do not make any changes.
  • After that, tick the ignore first card option to leave the header card from importing.
  • At last, press the OK button to complete the migration.

The above technique to convert PST files to Mac files is a manual solution. It is an effective procedure but requires technical knowledge. Also, this approach is not suitable for beginners or naive users as it is time-consuming. Therefore, you need an automated solution for migrating the PST files.

Method 2: Automated Method to Convert Outlook PST File

Outlook PST Converter is an ideal solution to export Outlook Contacts to Mac. It is an automated technique that uses a third-party tool for migrating Outlook PST files. The software provides various advanced features to make the conversion easy and effective. Apart from that, the software has an intuitive user interface. So, this tool is a better option than the complicated manual steps. 

Features and Benefits of Outlook PST Converter

  • The software allows you to convert PST files into various file formats. It also migrates your Outlook data file to other email clients.
  • It provides you with an option to select multiple PST files at once. This feature saves you time from converting every individual file.
  • You can check the mailbox items in the file as the tool previews the PST file data. You can even check the email content.
  • It provides you with an option to remove duplicate emails while converting the PST file. So, you can export Outlook Contacts to Mac by eliminating unnecessary items.
  • The software offers filtering options to convert only necessary mailbox items and filter unnecessary emails.

Working on Outlook PST Converter

  • Download and Install Outlook PST Converter. Run it as administrator.
  • Now, click on the Browse button to select the desired PST file.
  • Choose a file from the system and press the Open button.
  • After that, check the desired mailbox folder and press Next to proceed further.
  • Select a particular file format/email client in the Save/Backup/Migrate As field.
  • After that, tick the Save in Same Folder option to save the resultant file at the source location.

Note: You can not assign a custom saving location after enabling this option.

  • After that, opt for Migrate Emails without Attachment Files option to convert the PST file without considering email attachments in the file.
  • The Mail filter and Task filter options allow you to migrate emails of a particular date range. Tick these filters and set the start date and end date to specify the date range.
  • Assign a Custom Folder Name and Path to Save to the resultant folder.
  • At last, click on the Convert button to initialize the conversion.


There are two main approaches to exporting Outlook Contacts to Mac. The manual methods are effective but require technical knowledge and are not suitable for naive users. Therefore, the best way to convert your PST files is using a third-party tool i.e. Outlook PST Converter is a fast and effective software to export Outlook PST Contacts files to Mac Contacts and various other file formats. Thanks for reading this article.

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