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BKF File can confront disaster at any time so it’s better to keep yourself ready for surviving that crisis. Keeping the backup of your data is a good practice. Windows Backup solution utility plays a big role to keep the backup of our data. It helps us to create the backup of our Windows and system files. But the problem arises when the backup file gets corrupt and inaccessible. All the backup data becomes inaccessible and the chances to get back your data by BKF file gets lower. The problem with the data is that it’s always vulnerable and insecure.

So, the need for a file recovery tool is always there. We often get into situations like that and look for the best available tool online but we end up buying some crappy tool. So in this handout, I’ll give you some best free full version of BKF Recovery Tool available in the market. So, without wasting time lets get started.

Why BKF Files get corrupt?

There are so many reasons for the corruption of the BKF file. There are multiple reasons for BKF corruption like a virus or malware activity, sometimes it is due to any software or hardware corruption and sometimes it’s because of an abnormal shut-down, even shifting from a software version to another software version can lead towards the corruption.

So there are multiple reasons for the BKF corruption but what you need to do in this crisis is to not panic. Keep yourself calm and use the mentioned methods.

What features to look for in a tool?

There are multiple aspects and features to be looked in a good recovery tool. You should look for the below features in a good recovery tool:

  • Scanning Time:

Total time, taken by the utility software to scan the corrupt BKF file is the scanning time which should be less. If the scanning speed is fast and time, taken for scanning is really less then it is an optimized tool.

  • Recovery Time:

Total time, taken by the tool to recover the data from corrupt BKF file is the Recovery time which should be less. If the Recovery speed is good and recovery time is less then it’s an efficient solution to be used.

  • Data Integrity:

During the BKF Repair process, the data should remain intact and unchanged. There should be no modification in the outcome of the original data. If the tool is keeping the data intact then it will be a good tool to use.

  • Compatibility:

The thing to be checked before using the tool is to check whether it is compatible with the system an supported by the hardware and software components.

  • CPU Usage:

The CPU usage is the major aspect which you should look at. As everyone hates slow systems. So the CPU usage for Recovery Tool should be as less as possible.

  • Technical Support:

The Backup Recovery software should also offer 24×7 technical support. So if you stuck into any situation regarding their software, their tech support should be there for your help.

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Which are the best tools available in the market?

After doing a lot of brainstorming and research, I’ve found some tools online which are really beneficial and effective to use. There are 2 tools which are really great working and effective.

  • Convertertools’ BKF Recovery Tool:

The Company offers a free full version of the BKF Recovery Tool which is loaded with a jumble of features. During the lab test, it performed really well and successfully recovered all the data from corrupt and inaccessible BKF file.


Perform recovery of BKF file of any size.

Real fast and quick recovery.

Least CPU usage.

Log file creation.

Dual Recovery Modes: Standard and Advanced as per corruption.


5/5- Features.

4/5- Speed.

5/5- Data Integrity.

4/5- GUI.

5/5- Technical Support.

Download Convertertools’ BKF Recovery Software:

  • Aryson Technologies BKF Repair Software:

The Tool offered by the Aryson is a free BKF Recovery tool which offers a lot of salient features. The tool is easy to use and keeps the data unchanged during the recovery process.


Recover BKF File of unlimited size.

Fast and time-saving recovery process.

Supports preview of more than 200 file formats.

Options to rename BKF Files.

Easy and self-descriptive GUI.


4/5-  Features.

3/5- Speed.

4/5- Data Integrity.

4/5- GUI.

4/5- Technical Support.

Download Aryson BKF Recovery Software:


After doing a lot of testings and research I’ve found these tools helpful and I think you can use any of them for Repairing your corrupt file. You can easily download these tools from the links I’ve provided.

As I’ve done a lot of tests over these tools, if you have any query regarding the working or feature of these tools, feel free to ask me. I think I can answer your queries.

So this is my handout on “Download Free Full Version Of BKF Recovery Tool”.

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