How to Download Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive – The Best Way

Summary: This post is about the best reliable ways to download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive. We have introduced two manual techniques to save Hotmail emails to the hard drive. To make the task quicker, we have also mentioned experts recommended software. The name of this professional utility is Hotmail Backup tool.


In today’s scenario, mailboxes are filled with lots of information and data. Whenever the space of the Outlook mailbox (formerly Hotmail) gets too much data, it makes the user compromise with the performance. So the best way to cross this hurdle is to backup Hotmail emails or users can also read the post on how to download Gmail emails on a computer. But it becomes complicated when it comes to saving Hotmail mail items. The reason Hotmail is not an application, it’s an email client.

Even downloading Hotmail mailbox periodically is a good practice but a Hotmail user can only move the mail items within folders, s/he cannot download Hotmail emails directly to their PC or hard drive. For saving the mailbox items you can opt for some simple hacks and can successfully backup Hotmail emails to your PC.

Save Windows Live Hotmail Emails to the Hard Drive of Your Computer

There are multiple ways to backup the mailbox on your local machine

Method 1: Save Hotmail Email As EML File

You can easily save a single email as a .eml file on your system. For doing so follow the below steps.

  • Open the email, that you want to save.
  • Click on the down arrow key in the header area.
  • Now, select View message source from the menu.
  • Hit Ctrl+A in Windows or Command-A in Mac to select all the code.
  • Press Ctrl+C or Command C to copy the code.
  • Open Text editor.
  • Create a New Text Document.
  • Hit Ctrl+V or Command-V to paste it.
  • Now, save the document with the .eml extension.

You are good to go. The Hotmail email is now saved as a .eml file. You can also use the subject of the email as the naming convention for the email file for better usability. It will download Hotmail emails to a Hard Drive.

Method 2: Copy and Paste Mail Content

You can directly save all the email content to a plain text file and later you can save it on your local hard disk or pen drive. To do so you need to select and copy all the content of the Hotmail email and need to paste it into a simple text document. Later it can be used as a backup of the mailbox data.

Method 3: Download Hotmail Emails Using Hotmail Backup Utility

Both the above methods are good but they have some limitations like you can act only at a single email at once. So if you have a large number of email items then it will become a time and effort-consuming process to perform. But using the software approach you can easily download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive in a single go. All you need to do is to provide the Hotmail profile and saving format, then you can easily save Hotmail emails to the Computer by the software itself.

Advantages of the Utility

  • Download Hotmail emails to Hard drive in more than 15+ formats.
  • Direct exports mailbox data to email clients.
  • Maintains data integrity during the process.
  • Self-descriptive and friendly GUI.
  • Widely compatible with all the major Mac and Windows OS.
  • Facility to download the first 50 emails.

These are the features that make the utility a feasible solution to back up Hotmail emails. Now, let’s go through the way to save Hotmail emails using the software approach.

Steps to Backup Hotmail Emails using the application

  1. Download and install the Hotmail Backup Tool on your System.

    Download Hotmail emails to Hard Drive
  2. Launch the software and log in to your Hotmail profile.

    Download Hotmail emails
  3. Select the saving format that you want.

    Hotmail backup
  4. Provide a destination for your resultant file.

    Save Hotmail Email
  5. Select the date range provide a name to your folder and then click on the Convert button.

    backup hotmail emails
  6. Soon the saving process will be completed and you can exit or you can download the report for future reference.

    download Hotmail emails to Computer


As we have seen three different ways to Download Hotmail Emails on your local computer or hard disk. You can opt for any of them. But in the first two methods, there are some limitations that you can perform the process only at a single mail file at a time which makes it time-consuming. On the other hand, the software approach let you save all the Hotmail emails at once in more than 15+ formats with ease. So it is better to go for the utility tool to download all the Hotmail emails on the hard disk drive.

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