How to Protect Gmail Account from Spam, Hackers, and Viruses

Summary:- In this blog, we’re going to talk about “how to protect your Gmail account” from being hacked by any hacker and attacked by any virus. There are several ways to get rid of this problem and protect your Gmail account. As we all know Gmail is a globally available and very common email service. To send and receive emails all users adopt the Gmail account. But, every user’s top concern is the security and privacy of user-friendly data. Gmail holds a lot of data, much more than one can think of as financial / bank statements, legal documents, passwords, etc. So, to protect the Gmail data one must know its solutions and in the end, will know about the best Gmail Converter tool. Now, get ready to learn the ways to Gmail protection


How to Protect Your Gmail Account from Different Cyber-threats?

There are many possible ways to protect your Gmail from cybercrimes. You can opt for further solutions to close all the backdoors of your system to the intruders:

1. Gmail Phishing Protection

Phishing is a common attack that hackers use to steal information from your computer or take full control of your device. They’re going to send an email with either a connection or an attachment that looks like an actual email. The hacker will have complete access to your device when you click on the link or attachment. Always try to ignore or avoid phishing or spam folders. The most offensive emails have the subject line as follows:

  • Related to “Your money is waiting”
  • Related to “Claim your reward”

You can also get several messages such as ‘Your Amazon. Com order has been shipped. Then to secure your Gmail account, you can use the special password for Amazon eBay and do not open the emails you receive in another account.

2. Protect Gmail from Hackers Using Longer Passwords

You can better protect your Gmail account from hackers with a longer password. Do not use any words found in the dictionary in the passwords. To make it quick and free, try using #, *, $ in the password.

3. Setting a Second Security Layer

Hackers are getting smarter and more sophisticated. Varieties of malware are also becoming more complex. Thankfully, Google has made Gmail safer by providing security options for the second layer. Go to the Sign-in & Security page. Under the Password & sign-in method, hit on 2-Step Verification. The 2-step Verification is another protective layer for your account. Once you sign in, Google will ask you to send a code via SMS to your mobile phone. It will be hard for hackers to break into your account even if they have your password. Set up an active phone number on the 2-Step Verification list. Go through the process and you should have on your account the green “Verified” label. These steps will help in Gmail malware protection.

4. Gmail Spoofing Protection

If your inbox contains a high volume of undeliverable messages then your email address is likely to be spoofed. We suggest that you run a full virus scan on your local computer. This virus scan confirms that you have not encountered any malware or virus contamination and helps eliminate the possibility of getting a compromised account.

5. Gmail Virus Protection

By installing antivirus and anti-malware applications, keep your computer clean. Avira and MalwareFox are good examples. The security applications will protect in real-time. In addition, schedule daily scans to ensure that your computer does not hide any malicious applications. Using an anti-virus will help to protect your Gmail account.

6. Reporting Spam Messages

Gmail contains a few tools that help you to report spam and block offensive senders. These are the best ways to cut off spam that continues to come from an account.

  • Open the Gmail account and go to the three dots menu at the top right side of the message to be reported as spam and find the Report Spam button. This will report to Google and send it into in spam folder.
  • You can find a “Block Name” option in the same menu. Use this to prevent you from sending more messages to that user. This will help in Gmail spam protection.

So these all are the 6 manual ways to secure a Gmail account from any spam, hackers, or any kind of virus. To use these ways it is advised to keep your data backup manually. But to make your work easier and protective you can use a direct way for the Gmail Converter tool. Use the Gmail Backup utility to quickly and safely backup Gmail data.


Here we have described all the manual ways to protect Gmail accounts from any mishappening that occurs like virus attacks, hacker attacks, etc. Also, we have mentioned a direct backup method by using a professional utility. Your Gmail account can also face issues if it is out of memory so always try to free up Gmail space for storing more data.

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