How to Fix SQL Server Error 7929 caused by Deferred Transaction?

Most of the MSSQL Database users have faced SQL Server Error 7929 and unable to find the solutions to resolve it. For those users, we come up with solutions to resolve it quickly. Therefore, follow this guide properly from top to end.
Let us begin to know about Database Error 7929 in detail-

What is SQL Server Database Error 7929?

Sometimes in the SQL Server database, users are unable to access some or all of the tables. Now, if you run DBCC CHECKDB with and without TABLOCK to know the reason, you will find SQL error 7929. In fact, the message is as follows:

Msg 7929, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Check statement aborted. Database contains deferred transactions.

Note: The option DBCC CHECKDB TABLOCK helps to capture a database lock that helps prevent user access to the database.

Why does MS SQL Database Error 7929 error happen?

This error occurs due to deferred transactions that can lead to database corruption also.
Now a question arises in your mind about deferred transactions.
Deferred Transactions- A deferred transaction is a neutral transaction that has not been carried out correctly and has not performed the roll-forward process. Due to a high number of transactions, the deferred transaction happens in the program SQL server, while a startup error occurs in other SQL server versions. This is due to an input-output error that prevents the transaction from reading a page.

How can SQL Server Error 7929 be fixed?

There are some manual ways to fix Database Error 7929 as follows:
When the transaction causing the deferred state is moved out, the SQL Server database error 7929 will get fixed. Without any Input / Output Error (I / O), this database must start cleanly.
Steps to solve it:

  • By Resuming the Database- If the problem is the database temporary, it gets fixed and begins without delayed transactions.
  • If the transactions are delayed due to an offline filegroup, you need to bring it back to the online state. To do this, use the statement Transact-SQL as follows:

  • Restore the database using an online backup- If there is any pending transaction, it will immediately be resolved by restoring the database. If some corrupt pages induced the deferred transactions then the error may be fixed by restoring an online page.
  • If the filegroup becomes offline and induces the delayed transaction, the offline group will be discontinued. When the file community fails, the transactions connected to this filegroup results in the immediately resolved deferred transaction.
  • If any of the bad pages in the database cause the transaction to be delayed and there is no availability of the recent online backup, you will follow the steps.
  • If delay in transactions caused by any bad pages in the database and there is an absence of any recent online backup then follow these steps below:

    Use the following command to set the database status in emergency mode


  • Try to repair the database using the command DBCC REPAIR ALLOW DATA LOSS in one of the following DBCC statements after setting the database mode to emergency mode: DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC CHECKALLOC, or DBCC CHECKTABLE.

Disadvantage using Manual Approach-

The repair command manages damaged pages and allows the retrieval of missing records in the Microsoft SQL Server and a stable state to be reached. But some critical data loss can result that you can’t recover it.
This is a major disadvantage using this manual way, but don’t worry we have another best solution for you. Use SQL Database Recovery utility to fix data loss which automatically fixes SQL Database Error 7929 issue. So this option is better than the manual approach as there is no data loss and also no technical knowledge is required to run the utility.

Last Words

We have discussed all about SQL Server Error 7929 in detail with their reasons for the occurrence. Also, we explained the manual approach to troubleshooting SQL Server Database Error 7929 with its disadvantage. In order to avoid its disadvantages, this blog also describes another best option available. if you are facing more issues like error 4046, error 5123, or error 823 then you can refer to the respected linked blog posts.

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