MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter
Effortlessly Convert MySQL Databases to Microsoft SQL with all database Items

MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter Tool is an exclusive utility that converts your MySQL databases to Microsoft SQL or another MySQL database within the server. Moreover, you can also convert all the tables, scripts, and indexes of the MySQL database to Microsoft database without any issues. It is designed in a user-friendly manner so that any novice user can also perform the conversion procedure.

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  • Offers to perform swift migration of MySQL database to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Embedded with a feature to Customize the Destination Database.
  • It also converts all the database items like Indexes and all the necessary attributes.
  • The tool also provides an option to convert Individual Tables.
  • An additional feature of a CSV log file for the successful migration process.
  • Capable of merging MySQL data into another existing MySQL database.
  • Intuitive Graphical Interface helps users to complete the conversion smoothly.
  • Supports all the versions of MS SQL and MySQL database.
  • Completely compatible with all the major versions of the Windows OS.
  • Comes with an unlimited 24*7 support services to guide you through any problems.

When to Use the MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter Tool?

To Migrate MySQL Database to Microsoft SQL

It is a hectic task for users when it comes to migrating the database of MySQL. Most users would require some technical background to perform such a task. Perhaps, the MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter Tool provides a simple platform that assists them in this process and helps them to migrate with ease.

To Shift MySQL to Another MySQL Database

If you wish to transfer data to another MySQL database within the same server, you can do it easily with this software. It provides a solid platform for the database transfer among different MySQL without any data loss and hampering. Moreover, it provides several features that make it a top-notch utility for this purpose.

To Convert Data Records Individually

There is an issue that users face while converting the data records of MySQL to perform selective conversion of the data. However, the MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter Utility fixes this problem and allows you to convert the complete chosen database at once to Microsoft SQL or another MySQL database.

To Perform MySQL Database Conversion into CSV

Developers require the log files to view the complete process that has undergone for future development requirements and improvements. This tool provides a CSV log file of the complete conversion process and saves it in your system. You can access the file for any future requirements.

Software Specification MySQL to MS SQL Converter

Free Demo Version

MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server Converter Tool provides a demo version to evaluate the features and performance of the complete software. You can install the demo version for free. Both the versions are identical in characteristics and functioning, except the fact that the demo version only converts a limited version of emails. To migrate the complete mailbox files, you need to buy the full software.

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1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Operating System

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Windows Vista / XP and Below all Version


512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)

Disk Space

512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)