Opera Mail Converter Tool
Migrate your Opera Mail Mailbox using a full-featured Opera Mail Converter Tool

Opera Mail Converter Tool is an efficient software for migrating the Opera Mail emails to various file formats and different email clients. It is a must-have tool for every Opera Mail user. The software offers the latest features that meet the requirements of modern users. Besides offering fast and effective conversion, the user interface of this converter tool is interactive.

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  • Backup Opera Mail Exchange mailbox items to your local drive.
  • Convert the emails into distinct file formats
  • Migrate the Opera Mail data to various email providers.
  • Preview the mailbox folders and email content.
  • Keep the converted data organized using the Save in Same Folder feature.
  • Option to Remove Duplicate Mail for migrating only original files.
  • Option to leave email attachments while exporting emails.
  • Offers Mail Filter option to convert specific Opera Mail emails.
  • Allow to give a custom name and saving location to the converted file.
  • Featured with an easy-to-understand user interface.

When to Use Opera Mail Converter

When You Want to Backup Opera Mail to a local drive

In case of unintentional data loss or file corruption, the backup helps you restore the complete data to its original form. Therefore, you can use the Opera Mail Converter tool to create a backup of the mailbox items to your system.

To Save Opera Mail emails to any desired file format

The Opera Mail Converter software allows you to migrate the Opera Mail emails into various file formats. Therefore, you can use the Opera Mail Converter software to convert the mailbox items to any desired format for sharing or any other purpose.

While switching from Opera Mail to another email client

Sometimes, you may feel the need to shift to another email client. In such a case, you have to migrate the complete mailbox data to your new email account. The Opera Mail Converter tool helps you to migrate your emails to various email clients.

When protecting valuable information from Data loss

The Opera Mail converter tool is an essential utility for all those who want to protect their valuable emails from data loss. It allows you to create the backup in multiple file formats to your system or any other location and save your mailbox files.